How To Instantly Block Your Lost Zenith Bank ATM Card

Are you searching online for how to instantly block your lost Zenith Bank ATM card? This webpage is for you.

This article features the ussd code to dial on your phone and activate the Zenith Bank "post-no-debit" feature on your ATM card.

The moment you dial the mobile banking code from the line linked to your Zenith Bank account, the account will be locked so no one else can make withdrawals from it until you authorise it.

There are also other ways to lock your account from cash withdrawals apart from the ussd code. We explained each of them in details here.

So what are the ways to stop debit transactions from your account after you must lost your Debit card?

We have listed every one of them in this guide. Check them out below.

Simplest Ways To Lock Your Zenith Bank Account After Losing ATM CARD

Did you recently lost your Zenith Bank ATM card?

Follow these methods below to instantly stop the card from working.

Warning: Each of these methods will render your lost ATM card invalid and stop debit transactions on your account until you visit your bank to re-activate it.

1.  By USSD Code

To block your lost Zenith Bank ATM card using ussd code, dial *966*919#. A "post-no-debit" feature will be instantly activated on your account to prevent money from leaving your account via any means.

This is the easiest and fastest way to block your card at any time. You don't need to have airtime or an active data plan on your mobile phone line to do it.

If someone tries withdrawing money from your account using your ATM card after you must have dialed the code, they will get "sorry this card is invalid" from the ATM.

2.  By Calling The Bank's Customer Service

Another way to instantly block your debit card as soon you discover it's lost is by calling the Zenith Bank Customer Service.

Though you can do this using any available mobile number, it is best to do it using the line linked to your account.

You must be able to answer some security questions to prove the debit card you want to block is truly yours.

Once you've been able to convince the customer care agents the lost card is yours, they will block it on your behalf. You would have to visit any of the bank branches to get it unblocked again.

In Summary

Once you misplace your Zenith Bank ATM card, the wisest thing to do is to stop it from functioning, as soon as you can.

To do this, simply dial the Zenith Bank ATM card block code *966*919# and follow the instructions on your screen.

In less than 3 seconds, your missing debit card will be automatically rendered invalid for any form of transaction.

It will remain that way until you visit your bank branch to unblock it. Thereby keeping your account fully secured, and your hard-earned money intact.

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