How To Block Your Lost First Bank ATM Card In 3 Seconds


Here's a complete guide on how you can block your lost First Bank ATM card in Nigeria. Check it out!

Due to life circumstances, it is very easy for one to misplace his ATM card.

I have heard stories of people who lost their debit cards due to one reason or the other, only to have their entire life savings withdrawn in less than 24 hours.

Though stories like that makes one to one at the kind of hearts some people possess, such incidences can actually be avoided.

Without any shadow of doubt, the best way to secure your bank account and money after you have lost your debit card is to block the card.

Are you searching online how to block First Bank ATM card?

This post features First Bank of Nigeria ATM card block code and several other ways you can render your lost debit card invalid for any transaction. Read on!

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Here Are The Numerous Ways To Block Your Lost Card

1. First Bank ATM Card Block Code

To block your lost First Bank of Nigeria ATM card, dial *894# and follow the instructions on your screen.

Within a few minutes, the card will be blocked and can never be used for cash withdrawals and payment of goods and services, till you visit your bank to unblock it.

This is definitely the fastest way to stop opportunists (fraudsters and cyber criminals) from using your lost debit cards for fraudulent transactions both online and offline.

2. Through FB Mobile App

This is also a very easy way to block your debit card.

Simply login on your First Bank mobile app and navigate to block your ATM card. Click on it and wait for a few seconds.

That's all. Your card be rendered invalid immediately!

3. Via SMS

You can also block your First Bank ATM card using the bank text message service. Though you would need to have at least N4 airtime on your phone to execute this.

Though this method is also fast, you can't compare it to the first.

To deactivate your FB debit card using the bank text message service, send "BLOCK" in an SMS to 30012.

In less than 5 seconds, your lost ATM card will stop working wherever it is!

4. Via A Phone Call To The Customer Service Centre

Another great way to stop your lost First Bank of Nigeria debit card from working is by contacting the bank customer care agents via a mobile phone call.

The number to call is 0700-34778-2668228.

Once you call the customer service line for this purpose, you may be asked a few set of questions to prove that the card is yours. Once you have proven that, the card will be instantly stopped from working.

Though this method is also a good option, it does require you to have a substantial amount of airtime on your line before calling.

You may also have to keep your bank details handy in case they're asked.

In Summary

This guide is a novice guide on the various ways to instantly block your lost First Bank ATM card.

Here we outlined how you can use a ussd code, text message and phone call to stop your FB debit card after you have lost it.

I hope you find it useful!

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