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Are you looking for means to contact Palmcredit customer care?

This article will provide every contact detail you can use to reach to their customer care agents such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp number, phone number and twitter page.

What is Palmcredit?

Palmcredit is a loan application that provides credit or loans to interested individuals without collateral. It is one of the most reliable loan apps.

With palmcredit you can get instant loan for your urgent needs with low interest rate, this app is eligible for persons at the age of 18 years and above, having a loan limit of 100,000.

Getting a loan

To use or get loans from palmcredit you will need to first download the application on your smart phone. To download the app, go to your Google Play Store, search for “Palmcredit.”

Open the application after installing it and sign up. Fill all the necessary details such as your name, date of birth, account number and BVN alongside your phone number.

You must ensure that all details are accurate. You can then apply for your loan which could be any amount within the loan limit. Once your loan is approved you will get an alert on your phone.

However, your loan limits increase when you pay up your loan on time. Failure to pay up may result to no loan again this means that you may not be eligible for loans again.

Loan Repayment

To repay your loan, you can either use the loan app or you can pay your loan into the account number- Access Bank (0772692676), account name- Transnet Financial Nig. Ltd.

Although Palmcredit app is simple and easy to use, challenges and difficulties may occur during repayment of loan or registration.

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Palmcredit Customer Care Phone Number

To contact the customer care for your complaints, challenges, difficulties or request, you can dial the following phone numbers: 017001000 or 070072564357.

Palmcredit Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Would you like to chat with Palmcredit customer care representatives via Palmcredit Whatsapp number?

The truth is that as interesting as that sounds, the financial institution is yet to their official Whatsapp number public.

As that happens, we’ll definitely let you know by updating this post.

Palmcredit Customer Care Email Address

Another easy way to communicate with Palmcredit customer care agents is via their email address.

To do that, simply compose an email and forward it to

Palmcredit Social Media Pages

You can also post your complaints on their social media pages such as:






Palmcredit is a loan app designed to reach out to the monetary demands of the society for either business or personal purpose.

It is a reliable loan app which intends to assist individuals with loans without collateral at a low interest rate.

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  1. Hello kindly check your WhatsApp, I sent an evidence of deduction of my outstanding bill I'm calling on your company to refund back my money. Thanks

  2. I didn't get the money you disbursed,check my account severally nothing yet.and the loan time is already counting,pls check


  3. I didn't get the money you disbursed,check my account severally, contacted my bank but nothing yet.and the loan time is already counting,pls check

    1. They did the same thing to my husband and it's really frustrating....I think this people are scam

  4. You people are MAD......I stopped using your app since I paid off my last loan....why are you disturbing me with phone calls....

  5. Today is the due date and I've been trying to make payments for hours...... you'd better don't add up any extra charges cos it's not my fault.

  6. I've been trying to make payment it's not going through and today is the due date, I don't want extra charges tomorrow o, I kept calling no response

  7. I made my payment and my account is still showing that I haven't paid yet... Plsssss check for me oo

  8. I made my payment and my account is still showing that I haven't paid yet... Plsssss check for me oo

  9. I've been trying to make my payment since 29th of April, last month, and it's not going instead you people are giving me extra interests to pay as if it's my fault. Please find a way to pull out your money, that's why we added our bank cards and bvn, thanks

  10. I repaid my loan through offline transfer but palmcredit still deducted extra money from My account, please refund it o

    1. i have the same experience they dont want to refund my money. cbn should sanction thhis unreliable app

  11. I made I payment yesterday, you guys deducted the money from my account and did not clear me off. what is all this.

  12. I did made a transfer of part payment before the due date and my balance was not updated rather you are piling up my loan, please check your access bank account and update my balance to enable me clear your balance

  13. I paid part of my loan through offline payment and my account was not updated, please if they don't rectify it and they go further to deduct the entire amount,I will have no option than take up a breach against Newedge finance LTD.

  14. Hello

    I have been trying to pay this Bill I am Owing for the Past 4 days Now and All I am Getting is a Text from the company saying

    "[Newcredit] AGUNAMBA, N10359.99 direct debit failed due to network reason....."

    And Every Day they are Busy Adding Up over Due interest 1.7 not even Minding if the Person in Question is still Alive Or he/she is having a problem repaying

  15. Please the money the claim to that was sent to my account didn't enter. I can't pay for what I didn't take

  16. Please I pay my debt yesterday night through another account and I was debited please check and remove the repayment that is till showing on the app...I don't like the way you people are adding to the money

  17. Good morning, please I got a loan from your company yesterday and it was appropriate and disburse into my account but 4hour later 5,454 was debited from my account ,so I need explanation about this because I don't understand

  18. I paid my debt after it was overdue for a day. My account was not updated and the my money was taken again from my bank. You people should refund my money.

  19. I was expecting my OTP and it was sent to another number, instead of mine that I input during registration

  20. My name is Femi Oyenuga I requested for 15,000 loan. And right now I have not gotten alert. BVN..22157637584. 08035844153. UID 185327214898. Kindly rectify it or revert the updating app to its normal Every necessary details needed has been provided without fail of any information nor was any discrepancy found. But disbursement level in terms of speed is too slow. And your customer call centre is waiting time to respond. Everything about you after the app have been updated looked like frustrated and malfunction.

  21. Ive made payment twice with the use of pos but my debt hasn't been cleared,palmcredit also deducted #1,062.94 from my account.pls you people should Free me abeg.

  22. I payed my loan before due date and my money was till deducted pls palmcredit refund my money.

  23. Goodday palmcredit what's going on was trying to login into my account this morning but to no avail and your customers like is on waiting, kindly try and rectify this on time.Thanks


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