10 Universities with Low Cut-off Mark in Nigeria

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB) who are responsible for regulating all processes regarding admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions has held their  cutoff points at 180 and also encouraged universities to further increase their points above the set mark.

This action taken by JAMB has made students with 180 or lesser points unable to gain admission into the university because of the high UTME score set by these institutions.

Lets take a step to know what cutoff mark is about.

What is cutoff mark?
This is the minimum required points or marks set by a school or JAMB which a prospective candidate must hit or attain in a screening exercise in order to be qualified for admission into the institution.

However, I will show you in this article ten universities in Nigeria with low cut off point where you can choose from so as not to wait for the next JAMB examination.

1. Caleb University
Caleb university which is located in Imota, Lagos state of Nigeria offers admission to candidates with JAMB cutoff mark as low as 120 points.
With the above score, the institution is willing to admit students into any of the available courses (Sciences, Arts or Social Sciences).

2. Achievers University
This higher institution offers admission to students who score 120 points and above in the UTME exercise.
You stand a chance to be admitted to study any of the courses offered by this school.
Achievers university is located at Owo, in Ondo state Nigeria.

3. Adeleke University
Prospect candidates who score 120 mark and above in their JAMB examination are eligible for Adeleke university internal screening exercise. After which they can now be admitted into the institution to study any of the available courses offered by the school.
Adeleke university is located in Ede, Osun state Nigeria.

4. Caritas University
Caritas university which is situated in Amorji Nike, Enugu state Nigeria invites prospective candidate who score 140 point and above in their JAMB exercise.
They stand eligible to apply for an internal screening exercise which qualifies them to be admitted into any of the available courses offered by the school.

5. Novena University
Prospective applicants with JAMB score of 120 and above are eligible to apply for admission into this institution.
Candidates who took part in the UTME exercise and scored 120 point qualify for internal screening exercise which gives the students the opportunity to be admitted into the university.
Novena university is located in Ogume, Delta state Nigeria.

6. Wesley University
Applicants who scored 140 mark and above are invited to take part in the POST-UTME screening exercise at Wesley University.
Candidates who are able to meet up with this point stand the chance to be admitted into the school to study the available courses offered by the tertiary institution either in art or sciences.
Wesley university is located in Ondo state Nigeria.

7. Arthur Jarvis University (AJU)
Arthur Jarvis university is one tertiary institution that does not require JAMB score before being given admission into the university.
All that is required of the prospective candidates is to proceed to the campus located at Akpabuyo, Cross River state Nigeria, where all admission processes are carried out.

8. Clifford University (CLU)
Clifford university, CLU in Owerrinta, Abia state are inviting students who score 120 points in UTME to apply for admission into the university.
Although, is it not the same for all courses as students who wish to study medicine and nursing are to score at least 220 points as their cutoff. Mass communication, pharmacy, physiology are pegged at 200 points and 190 for computer science, biochemistry, geology, English language and other engineering courses aside agricultural engineering.

9. Summit University
Summit University Offa, SUNO invites prospective candidates who score 150 points or more into the university to pick up internal screening exercise form.
Students with the above score are eligible to apply for admission to study any of the available courses offered in the institution.
SUNO is located at Offa, in Kwara state, Nigeria.

10. Edwin Clark University (ECU)
ECU is located in Kiagbodo, Delta state Nigeria.
This institution invites prospective candidates who did not take JAMB examination.
Applicants are required to visit the institution and fill out the necessary forms and other admission processes.

I hope the information contained herein settles your fear over high JAMB cutoff marks.
Its intent is to show you 10 Universities with low cut off marks in Nigeria where you can comfortably run your academic race.

This guest post was written by Agbo Sammario
Owner, African Infoblog

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