5 Best Solar Inverters And Panels Under N200,000 In Nigeria (For Home And Office Use)

Best Solar Inverters And Panels Under N200,000 In Nigeria (For Home And Office Use)

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You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you the current best solar inverters to buy in Nigeria for home and office use. I mean top quality solar systems you can buy for less than N200,000 and light up your home and office with it. Read on!

Energy from the sun remains one of the biggest blessings of our universe. The fact that that energy can be converted into electrical energy and put to good use is something worth talking about.

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Over the years, several energy companies have invested lots and lots of resources and produced quality solar inverters that can last for ages. Among those are the brands mentioned in this guide.

The most beautiful thing about these solar generators is that unlike regular generators that uses petrol, you won’t have to keep spending lots of money refilling them.

The fact that they don’t produce noise is also a reason they are worth buying.

As an energy consumer, you would be doing yourself a whole lot of favour getting one of these to use at home or in the office. Check them out below.

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Top Quality Solar Inverters Below N200,000 To Buy In Nigeria

The following are the most recommended solar inverters, batteries and panels to buy at the moment.

1. 500W All In One Lithium Solar Generator (N250,000)

This solar generator is definitely one of the best you can find out there. It is so easy to install that you don’t need a professional to help you with that. If you follow the instructions on manual well, you can set it up on your own in no time.

The inverter is available for purchase on Jumia, Jiji and Konga. You won’t be making a mistake placing an order for it now.

2. 500W Solar Generator With Inbuilt Lithium Battery (N180,000)

This is also another quality solar power inverter to buy for your house or office. Like the first listed inverter, this is very easy to install.

This solar power inverter can power your LCD televisions, fans, laptops and bulbs. You can also rely on it for other appliances that require electricity to function. Provided they fall under it’s power capacity.

3.  SolarCraft SP500A Portable Solar System (N78,000)

The beauty of this solar system is that it is extremely cheap but very powerful. It comes with 2 solar bulbs, 1 panels and lots of other tools.

It can power your LCD TVs, laptops, smartphones and several other devices. It is also very easy to install.

4. CompactPower 200watts Solar Generator Inverter Inbuilt Lithium Battery (N82,000)

Selling at the rate of N82,000 on Jumia, CompactPower 200watts Solar Generator is definitely one of the best solar inverters to buy this year.

The solar system can provide enough light for your home or office so you don’t have to depend on Nigerian discos for that.

Get this for yourself and thank me later. (Smiles)

5.  Techfine 1kva Inverter Generator (N195,000)

This beautiful device that can power your television, bulbs, computers and other devices for up to 12 hours stretch.

That is why the product is one of the best selling solar systems in Nigeria at the moment.

At N195,000 the inverter is quite cheap compared to it’s performance.

You can buy it online on Jumia, Konga and Jiji. You can also get it from top electrical appliances stores across the country.

You can also learn how to get a loan with PalmCredit if you need a loan to buy one.

Final Words

Are you considering buying a solar inverter in Nigeria for use at home or in the office?

We’ve got to you covered. With this buyers guide, you will be able to make the best decision for yourself, family and business.

I hope you find this information useful.

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