Best Kitchen Products For People With One Hand

 In this guide, I will show you the best kitchen products for people with one hand.

One-handed people face various challenges every day, this problems range from emotional hurdles to physical limitations. 

Not being able to use both hands could cause restrictions such as not being able to play instruments, do odd jobs, chores or even present oneself in public and the list goes on and on. 

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There are many other challenges like showering and getting ready, cooking and eating, even drinking is a challenge due to opening of cans, bottles or jars. 

Others find writing on paper difficult, as one hand is occupied holding the pen and the other not being able to hold down the paper. 

But then, a lot of adaptive and assistive devices have been developed for one-handed use that would be of benefit for a long time until they acquire coping strategies and learn how to adapt. 

Among the categories of all these assistive devices are kitchen products and gadgets that are designed specifically for individuals who have limited or no use for one hand. See them below.

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Kitchen Products for One Handed People

People who might have lost one of their hands due to any accident or illness may have to face a lot of problems while in the kitchen, and Cooking is a necessity – everyone needs to eat and eventually you get tired of take out. 

For many people, cooking is also a hobby that they enjoy, an activity that brings them closer to friends and loved ones. 

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Therefore, these specially designed pieces of equipment easy to use in the preparation of meals, drinks, and many other things, can allow you to enjoy cooking with one hand.

1. Adaptive Cutting Equipment


Cutting Boards: The board has spikes that can hold a fruit or vegetable in place while you cut it. 

The square corner guard can be used to hold your bread or toast in place while you spread on butter, peanut butter, jelly, or condiments. 

Four rubber suction feet hold the board in place while working with only one hand. 

Two food guards prevent food from sliding off edges and two spikes hold food secure while cutting. It’s made of high-density polyethylene, making it easy to clean.

Rocker Knives: Rocker knives allow you to cut food with a simple back-and-forth rocking motion. This allows you to cut independently, using one hand. 

The knives come with vertical handles or horizontal handles so you can pick the most comfortable option for preparing your food while cooking. 

They also come in a weighted option that can help control hand tremors while cutting.

Choppers: Another option for dicing everything from peppers to nuts is the Good Grips Deluxe Chopper and the KSL Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

The equipment comes with easy-to-press buttons. Just a single push and your pepper is ready in just a few minutes. 

You can adjust the pepper mill to grind your pepper and other things exactly the way you want, from fine to coarse. 

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2. Holders 


Clamp on Vegetable Peeler: peeling potatoes, apples or cucumbers is an impossible task for one handed individuals. But the peeling plate holds the fruit or vegetable with its two sharp prongs and makes peeling easy.

Folding Pan Holder: the pot and pan holders have suction feet which secure them to the stove and a wire frame holds the pot handle to keep the pan from accidentally turning and causing spills so you can stir or mix the food.

Dinnerware: Suction dinnerware was designed for one-handed people. These non-skid plates and bowls stick securely to the table allowing people with only one hand to scoop food without the assistance of an aid.

Openers: opening jars, unscrewing lids and removing bottle tops can be difficult, but the design of one-handed bottle and jar openers relieve this troublesome task for the single handed person.

Opening cans is easy with the One Touch Can Opener. Just place the battery-operated device on your can and press the activation button. 

The opener automatically walks around the can and stops automatically. Lift the opener to remove the lid, leaving no sharp edges.

Jar & Bottle Opener holds your jars and bottles in place and includes a rubber lid opener to give you a better grip.

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3. Non Slip Mats

Non-slip matting can be a great addition to help keep everything in place while cooking. The dual non-slip surface provides a secure grip to the kitchen counter, table tops and desk. 

A Dycem Non-Slip Activity Mat keeps your mixing bowl in place as you stir together your ingredients. 

It can also be used to hold your cutting board in place. The matting can be used to line cabinets, create placemats and coasters, and keep appliances in place.

Other one handed cooking equipment are: Cooking Kitchen Utensils Set, Manual Knife Sharpener, One-handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet etc.

All these kitchen gadgets and tools make cooking easier and accessible for individuals with one hand, plus they’re very easy to use and very helpful. 

Although there are several ones out there, these are the top-recommended ones. They’re worth adding to the list of utensils you use in the kitchen.

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