How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria (Canada Immigration Programs 2021)

Immigration means to move permanently into a new Country. You must have noticed that Canada in particular  seems to have become an immigration hotspot for Nigerians looking for “Greener Pastures”. 

As a matter of fact, Research conducted by shows that Nigeria was the Country with the fourth highest number of immigrants to Canada in 2019, with about 12,600 Nigerians becoming Permanent residents. 

If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada too, then let’s talk about How to relocate to Canada from Nigeria.

Immigrating to Canada is going to require a bit of research on your part, especially if you are not working with any travel agency. 

The very first step in relocating to Canada is to decide which part of Canada you want to live in and then find out the best Visa plan for you.

It’s important to know that Canada has its arms open to immigrants from many countries and have many different immigration programs designed to accept a lot of immigrants every year. 

Canada has 13 provinces, and out of these, 11 manage their own immigration programs. This is why it is very important to decide what part of Canada you want to live in. 

Among these provinces, there are about 80 immigration programs designed to accept many immigrants from different Countries every year.

How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

The First rule for making immigrating into Canada is to make sure that you have a plan for what to do. This means that you have something valuable to offer over there. 

There are thousands of people applying to Canada every year and a lot of times the Visa programs available use a ranking system and score candidates in order to issue them a Visa. Some other Visas are issued based on an Employment. 

This means that you have to arrange for your employment in Canada before applying for the Visa. Nigerians have the advantage of being hardworking and also being able to speak English. 

You can also apply for a Student Visa which means that you get admitted into an Educational Institution in Canada, and then apply for your Visa.

Some Of The Common Ways To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

1. Express Entry

This is one of the most common and effective ways of moving to Canada. It is also one of the fastest ways. You have a Visa Processing time of 6months through the Express Entry System. 

This method is the best bet for Skilled Nigerians looking to Work and Live in Canada. Here, candidates are graded based on a set of criteria and then issued an Invitation To Apply (ITA).


2. Provincial Nomination

The different provinces have different Immigration Programs set up based on their particular needs at that time. 

You can directly apply for a Provincial Nomination or you can send in your interest to that province through your Express Entry profile.


3. Study In Canada

Studying in Canada is another great way to move over there. A temporary Visa is issued for the time of your Study. 

While this Visa may be temporary, it increases your chances of being given a more permanent Visa because it adds to your immigration application.


These are some of the top ways to relocate to Canada from Nigeria. You can start the process today. The earlier, the better.

In Summary

People migrate to Canada for different reasons. Most of it being the economic opportunities the country offers. Even you can do the same, with or without the help of a travelling agency.

Have you been searching online for how to relocate to Canada from Nigeria? Would you love to know the immigration programs available in the country for 2021?

I hope you find this guide useful.

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