How To Start Garri Distribution Business In Nigeria


Garri is one of the most important sources of carbohydrates in the diet of most Nigerian families. A more appropriate English name for it will be cassava granules, but no worries, we all prefer the old rugged name ‘garri’.

Given that only a few people produce garri for the whole country, the price is always on the high side, making the sales of garri a very profitable venture. If you know the ropes properly, garri can make you a millionaire! Yes, a millionaire!

The big question is how to start and that’s the purpose of this write-up. Here are some helpful tips on how to start garri distribution business in Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Garri Distribution Business In Nigeria

The following are some of the steps to start a profitable Garri distribution business in Nigeria and nearby countries:

Decide the method of distribution you want to adopt.

Garri distribution generally entails bulk-selling of already made garri to various persons.

You can manufacture and deliver to wholesalers.

You can buy from the manufacturers and distribute to retailers.

You can also export garri for foreign exchange.

Whichever one you think is right for you depends on your goals and experience.

Understand the Market

Understanding the market means you get to know how it is sold, how to preserve your stock, how to identify and get quality garri, and deciding which garri is more in demand around you, (the white or the yellow garri) and knowing when it is scarce or in surplus.

You will need to physically visit garri producers and stores to get useful information.

Put together a business plan

It is a complete layout on the structure of your business, where to get your product, how to market, pricing, transportation methods, budget, and whatnot.

Estimate your startup costs

Startup costs vary widely depending on the scale of your venture. For a large-scale distribution business, you should be thinking of at least N500,000.

Get capital to fund your business

The first place to look at is your pocket. You can get your family and friends to support you.

Loans from banks or private individuals and companies are an option, however, do not take a loan unless you are 150% sure of the profitability of your enterprise.

Find a location for your business

A location is important for the storage of your products and it allows your customers to easily access you.
A place close to the road and probably a market will do you good.

The size of space you need to keep your product will be determined by the quantity and method of allotment.

Get a supplier and place your order

From your market research, you would be able to find the best supplier, and after getting a location, you can place your first order.

Do not order for so much at the first, you can weigh your customers’ needs and steadily increase your orders as your customer base increases.

Figure out how to market your product

This will largely depend on who your buyers are and lucky for you, it’s the entire population. Every Nigerian walking the streets is your potential customer.

Your goal is to let your potential shoppers know about your business and what you can offer.

You can get family and friends to buy from you and tell their friends.

You can sell to party organisers.
You can leverage social media and sell online.

You can visit stores in a market, or an area and tell them about your products with samples.

If your product has good quality, trust me…na dem go dey rush you.

In Summary

Garri distribution business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business. You’ll make a whole lot of money from it if you put your time, energy and efforts to it.

I hope the tips provided in this article helps you to start the business.

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