Incredible Transportation Business Success Secrets Revealed (A Complete Guide On How To Successfully Start And Make Millions From This Profitable Venture)

Transportation business is simply the business of moving people and goods from one place to another. Whether to a very far distance or a nearby location, transportation covers it all.
There are various means of transporting people and goods from one location to another. However, in Africa and basically Nigeria, only three are prevalent.
These three major transportation methods are:
1. Air (through the use of Aeroplanes, Jets, Helicopters etc)
2. Water (using Ships, Boats, Canoes etc)
3. Land Or Road (via the use of Buses, Cars, Tricycles, Motorcycles and even Trains that runs on Railways)
These are the three major methods of transportation in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. But for the purpose of this post which is to reveal the success secrets of transportation business (including how to start it), I will be dwelling or focusing on the last which is Land or Road transport.
Note: The principles or success secrets discussed in this post can also be applied in other forms of transportation business as well.
When you talk about road transportation business in Nigeria, the names Peace Mass Transport (PMT), God is Good Motors (GIGM), Chisco Transport, Ifesinachi, Benue Links, Delta Lines, Tracas, Abia Lines and the rest readily come to mind.
Apart the above big names in the transportation business, images of buses being used for town service” readily comes to mind. For instance the yellow painted buses with black stripes used for short distances in Lagos State and other states, or even the blue and white buses used for the same purpose in Delta State and other parts of Nigeria.
These are either privately owned and managed by individuals or the government. However the purpose of this post is to show you how as an individual, you can make good money from this business.
So what are the secrets to a successful transportation business? How do you start and make money from this business? Let me show you below.
Decide On The Type Of Automobile Or Vehicle To Start With
There are various types of vehicles that can be used for transportation business. Decide from beginning which one to go for. Whether a bus(es), car(s), or even tricycle(s).
In recent times, buses and tricycles have been the commonest and a better option to go for since Motorcycles also called “Okada” in Nigeria has been banned from major roads in several states in Nigeria.
Deciding on the particular vehicle to begin with will help you know how much you need for a start especially if you are planning to purchase more than one.
Calculate And Write Down How Much Everything Will Cost
Calculating and writing down how much everything will cost will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. It will also help you not to forget anything.
Leaving everything to memory alone is a poor way to do anything as most times, we end up forgetting even the things that are most important to us.
If you are planning on raising money for your transportation business through partners, you must ensure you write and present them this list.
Plan On How To Raise The Capital
After writing down everything you need for your transportation business, the next thing is how the money (capital) will be raised.
There several ways to raise capital for your business. The first is through personal savings. The others include family and friends, grants and bank loans.
In Nigeria, with a good business plan a microfinance bank like LAPO can offer you a loan to start your transportation business.
Decide On Who Will Operate The Vehicle(s)
Who will operate the vehicle(s) in your transportation business? If you are planning to start with more than one bus, you will have to decide on who will be in charge of driving them.
This is one of the areas you need to be most careful, to avoid “long” stories or “stories that touch.” Ensure you get very reliable people that you can give your vehicles to operate. Don’t just choose anyhow person you meet at the motor park.
If you are planning on starting with only one vehicle, it is even best you drive it yourself. That way, you can manage whatever money you make on daily basis yourself.
If for any reason you can’t do it yourself, make sure you really know whoever you will be handing it over very well.
God Is Good Motors (GIGM) and Peace Mass Transit (PMT) do not just employ anyhow fellow to drive their vehicles. That is one of the reasons there is hardly a complaint of theft, mismanagement of resources and their vehicles are always in good shape. Emulate this from them.
Get All The Necessary Documentations and Paperwork (Legal Permits)
To avoid being a customer to law enforcement agents in Nigeria or in your country of residence, ensure you get all the necessary permits for your transportation business.
Always make sure your vehicles papers are up to date. Do not be careless about this. The Nigerian Police Force may be friend like they always claim but not until they discover anything illegal about your business.
Ensure Your Vehicles Are Properly Maintained
Due to the bad road network in some states in Nigeria and other African countries, vehicles used for transportation business do not always stay very long before developing faults.
If you are going to have people patronizing you every now and then, keep your vehicles well maintained. It will help reduce unnecessary road accidents and harassments from the law enforcements agents like the Nigerian Road Safety Commission.
Register With Road Transport Workers Association
In Nigeria, we have an association called the Nigerian Union Of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). It is an association that caters for the welfare of drivers and transportation business owners.
One of the benefits of joining an association like that is that they will always be there for you everytime you run into troubles.
Apart from that, you will get to meet other road transport businessmen and drivers from whom you can learn a few things.
Register With An Insurance Company
In case of unexpected happenings like a fire accident or a crash, Insurance companies help you get back on your feet by offering you financial assistance with which you can start afresh.
Registering with a company like that in your own country is definitely a very good choice.
Respect And Treat Your Passengers Well
Don’t be found quarrelling always with your passengers over anything. Learn to respect and treat them well.
Divers who often fight with their passengers over every little thing bring names to transport companies they work with and the transportation business at large.
Understand that in business, the customer is always right.
Always be polite and talk respectfully even when asking for your money. Let passengers know you for that.
In Conclusion
Transportation business in Nigeria has seen the rise of so many millionaires in Nigeria and Africa at large.
The opportunities in this line of business is so big that anybody can invest and make good money from it.
Like every other business, transportation business demands commitment, hardwork and good financial management for it to be successful and produce in a very short time.
I have throughout this post, explained practical ways you can make millions from this lucrative enterprise.
See you at the top!
Thank you.
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