Nurses Salary In Nigeria 2022


Nurses Salary In Nigeria

A Nurse is a person trained to provide care for the sick. For lots of reasons, nursing profession is regarded among one of the most noble and respectful professions in the country. 

Although nurses work with medical doctors and other medical professionals, they can also work independently, especially in fields of midwifery and other specialized nursing career paths.

Today, on this platform, we would be discussing Nurses salary in Nigeria.

Salary Of Nurses In Nigeria

We are going to lay out every salary distribution in segments and explain them in details. But first, we’ll explain some types of salary structures for Nurses in Nigeria which include;

·         Mean salary structure and Percentile

Mean Salary Structure

This is the median salary of a certified or registered nurse in Nigeria. 

Median salary shows that half of the people which appears to be 50% of the people who have taken up the Nursing profession as a career earns about ₦161,000 per month. Median salary means the middle salary value.


Percentiles are known to be a bit related to the median values but are of two different values which are 25% and 75%. 

According to the salary distribution statistics for nurses in Nigeria, 25% of the Nurses in Nigeria earn less than ₦108,000, while 75% of the total number of Nurses in Nigeria is known to earn above the same price.

Furthermore, following the same salary distribution statistics, 75% of the nurses in Nigeria earn less than ₦205, 000 while 25% earn above ₦205, 000.

Now, we would be discussing the salary structure of nurses in Nigeria based on different factors such as;


Educational Level

This Salary structure is based on your educational level, Master’s Degree holder earns more than Bachelor’s degree holder.

·         BACHELOR’S DEGREE earns about ₦138,000 per month

·         MASTER’S DEGREE earns about ₦217,000 per month.

Years Of Experience

Experience happens to be the most important factor in paying a nurse in Nigeria. Here is the breakdown;

·         Nurses with 0 2 Years experience earns about ₦96, 400

·         Nurses with 2 5 Years experience earns about ₦128, 000

·         Nurses with 5 10 Years experience earns about ₦171, 000

·         Nurses with 10 15 Years experience earns about ₦203, 000

·         Nurses with 15 20 Years experience earns about ₦219, 000

·         Nurses with 20+ Years experience earns about ₦236, 000


In Nigeria, it is customary that once you hear the word “nurse” you’ll think it’s a female, but it’s not always the case. 

These days men practice the Nursing profession. There are some cases where the Men are even paid higher than the women.

·         Female earns about ₦153, 000

·         Male earns about ₦166, 000


The Salary of Nurses in a Private hospital is relatively low compared to Nurses in Government hospitals (Public hospitals).

·         Nurses that work in a Private Sector earns about ₦198, 000

·         Nurses that work in a Public Sector earns about ₦210, 000

Final Words On Nurses Salary in Nigeria

Have you been searching online for the salary of nurses in Nigeria? 

This page reveals how much a nurse earns in the country. However, we would like you to know that what we have up there is an average salary and they could vary across each state and firm.

I hope you find this information useful. Also read Doctors salary in Nigeria


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