Ranks of Nigerian Navy

Ranks of Nigerian Navy

If you are interested to know about the ranks of  Nigerian navy, and salary structures, this post got you covered.

In the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigerian Navy (NN) is a component of the Nigerian Navy (NN). It is one of the continent’s largest navies, with tens of thousands of people, including Coast Guard members.

The Nigerian Marine is the ancestor of the Nigerian Navy. Nigerian Marine, as it came to be known after 1914, was a quasi-military force formed in 1914 after the merger of Northern and Southern Nigeria.


In 1893, the Southern Nigerian Marine was formed from the remnants of this unit. In 1900, a similar organization was established in Northern Nigeria. In 1914, the two Marines merged.

Port and harbor management, channel dredging, buoyage, and lighting were all part of the job description. They ran ferry services and other small watercraft on many of the region’s streams and overland.

Here you’ll find information on the ranks of Nigerian Navy and other relevant topics. See below for the Nigerian Navy salary structure and allowances.

To provide our readers with an idea of the ranks and salaries of the Nigerian Navy, we’ve written this article. Continue reading to find out more about the Nigerian Navy’s pay structure.

Ranks and Salary Structure of the Nigerian Navy

If you aren’t familiar with the Nigerian Navy’s ranks, you will be perplexed by the pay scale. So we decided to start with the Nigerian Navy’s position. We sincerely hope that our efforts will be appreciated by you. There are several positions in the Nigerian Navy Ranks in the Nigerian

Navy is broken down into two groups:

  • The commissioned officers
  • The non-commissioned officers

The Nigerian Navy ranks for commissioned officers are as follows:

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear-Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman

The Nigerian Navy ranks for non-commissioned officers are as follows:

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee

Ranks of Nigerian Navy: Details on Each Rank

If you’re interested in learning more about the various ranks in the Nigerian Navy, continue reading.

Mid-shipman: The Nigerian Navy’s lowest-ranking commissioned officer is known as a “Mid-Shipman.” Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Pilot Officer in Nigeria’s Air Force.

Sub- Lieutenant: Below Lieutenant Commander and above Sub-Lieutenant, there is the rank of Sub-Lieutenant. Lieutenant and Flying Officer are the comparable ranks in the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Air Force, respectively.

Lieutenant: The rank of Captain in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air Force are both equivalent to Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Commander: This response to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Nigerian Air Force. The level between Lieutenant and Commander is known as a Captain. Lieutenant is an official title denoting someone who serves as an assistant or subordinate to a captain.

Commander: This is the second-highest rank in the military, just below Captain. Nigerian Army Lieutenant Colonel and Nigerian Air Force Wing Commander ranks are both equivalents to this position.

Captain: In the Nigerian Army, the Captain position is equivalent to the Colonel rank, which is above the Commander rank but below the Commodore rank. Captains typically command the world’s largest vessels.

Commodore(Cdre): This ranks higher than Commodore (Cidre) and lower than Rear-admiral. In the Nigerian armed forces, it’s the equal of Brigadier, while in the air force, it’s the equivalent of Air Commodore.

Rear-admiral: The position of Rear Admiral is between Vice Admiral and Commodore. As such, they are known as two-star officers. Rear admirals, often known as flag officers, are the junior members of the “Admiralty ranks.

Vice-admiral:  In the Nigerian Navy, this would be the equivalent of a Rear Admiral or Vice Admiral. In the naval hierarchy, it is between the ranks of rear admiral and admiral. Three-star officers refer to officers with this rank.

Admiral (Adm): As the only rank above it is more of an honorary one, Admiral (Adm) is the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy. Vice Admiral is a higher rank than Admiral of the Fleet. The position of Air Chief Marshal in the Nigerian Air Force is similar to the rank of General in the Nigerian Army.

Admiral of the Fleet: The Nigerian Navy’s highest position as Admiral of the Fleet. As an honorary post, it is rarely bestowed. As a Nigerian Air Force Marshal and Nigerian Army Field Marshal, this rank is identical to each other.

Nigerian Navy Salary

In other words, how much does the Nigerian Navy make per month? The salary structure of Nigerian Naval officers is shown below.

  • Admiral has a yearly salary of #16,303,140.
  • Vice Admiral’s yearly salary is #13,363,229
  • The annual salary for a Rear-Admiral is #12,038,945
  • Commodore’s annual revenue is #7,385,856.
  • Captain’s annual salary is #3,715,859
  • The yearly salary for Commander is #3,380,086.


As far as the Nigerian navy’s ranks and pay schemes go, this post has you covered. The Nigerian Navy’s ranks and other important information can be found on this page. Above is a breakdown of the allowances and salaries offered by the Nigerian Navy.

To give our readers a sense of the ranks and wages of the Nigerian Navy, we’ve compiled this list of information. Continue reading to learn more about the salary structure of the Nigerian Navy.

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