Top 10 Best Items For A One-handed Person (Helpful Products For People With One Hand)


Check out this list of best items for a one-handed persons. They’re some of the most helpful products for people with one hand. Most of these products can be gotten online on Amazon.

Life events can occur such as accidents, stroke, paralysis, fractures or permanent disability that can leave a person with only one hand to use. Such situations makes it hard to do activities that are considered as normal and easy tasks.

While the reasons behind the loss of an arm can vary greatly, in many cases, the lifestyle solutions are the same. People that are one-handed usually encounter difficulties when performing routine chores such as:

  • Bathing, drying off and dressing oneself
  • Cutting vegetables, fruits and cooking meals
  • Stabilizing items like pots and pans or even plates while eating
  • Writing and typing
  • Opening bottles, jars or various containers etc.

However, there are many assistive devices that can make life easier for this people, products that will help with task completion without much difficulty.

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Check out some of the best one-handed assistive devices outlined below:

1. A Long Handle Sponge

Allows a person with the use of only one arm to reach areas on his/her back during bath/showering. The handle can be easily reshaped and the Sponge head is constructed of durable polyfoam material for easy use.

The soft, comfortable sponge material makes washing a pleasant experience. It is an Ideal solution for easy, comfortable personal hygiene control.

2. Adaptive Dishes and Utensils

Adaptive dishes are Plates and bowls with special designs to resolve all self-feeding difficulties. They have a low front and a high back.

The high back edge helps in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling. Their round, non-skid feet grip tabletops and prevent them from sliding. Bowls with high sides and food guards for flat plates provide independence while eating.

A good assortment of Utensils such as knives, forks and spoons with special features and shapes assist people with one hand to have a firm grasp and unrestricted finger movement.

3. Elastic Shoe Laces

Individuals can replace their standard shoe laces with elastic shoe laces which require tying only once. Doing this effectively creates slip on shoes.

Elastic shoe strings can be laced into tennis shoes and they eliminate the use of even one arm because they do not have to be tied. Therefore, this can be used by a person with the use of only one arm.

There are also Nike Flyease shoes that are quick and easy to get into, and more hands-free. Perfect for one-handed people.

4. Vive Reacher Grabber

Helps an individual to reach and grab jars on top of shelves, to get the remote or just about anything out of reach.

The tool is designed with powerful jaws that can rotate a full 360 degrees. It also comes with a padded anti-slip handle and a contoured trigger that makes it quite efficient and effective in grabbing items.

5. Yoke Shopper

Is designed to comfortably sit over the shoulder so you can freely carry several heavy bags with ease. It makes carrying heavy shopping on the shoulder or across the body so much more comfortable.

6. Toothpaste Dispenser

Eliminates the hassles of toothpaste in a tube. Simply touch your toothbrush to the dispenser and get the perfect amount of toothpaste every time.

7. Slip-On Typing Aid

It is a molded plastic typing aid with a rubber-tipped pointer for easily typing on keyboards. The design allows you to easily wrap it around your finger and punch the keys on the keyboard with ease.

8. EazyHold Silicone Adaptive Aid

It’s a 7-pack strap made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone that allows you to hold onto items with ease. They are really adaptive and you can just get your toothbrush or pencil and put them on with your one hand.

Whether you want to put them on your pen to help strengthen your grip while writing or on your cutlery or your hairbrush, these straps come in various sizes to suit your needs.

9. Book Holders and Page Turners

Keep the pages in your favorite book held wide open with one hand. They are used as a prop-up while you enjoy your reading time. And also give assistance with turning a page.

10. Daily Living Accessories

Such as adaptive nail clippers, adaptive scissors, etc.

Performing everyday tasks with limited arm function is challenging – but not impossible.

With the use of these assistive items, everyday activities like food preparation and eating, bathing, dressing and grooming, reading and typing and opening of cans and jars become much easier and help individuals to adapt to their body’s capabilities, and continue to live independently.

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