Top 5 Trending Things In The Technology World

Are you a fan of technology? Do you enjoy following technological discoveries? Here are the top 5 Trending Things In The Technology World today. On this webpage, you will find the latest news and tips in the tech world.

It is no longer a new thing that the world of technology is revolutionalizing very fast with the aid of the internet. Therefore, if you don’t scale up with the trend, you might as well be left out.

Before I proceed, let me not assume that you already know what modern technology is all about. I will give you a simplified meaning of it to enable you digest what am about to explain. Continue reading.

It simply means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It gives the tools to change and rule the world. Now, in this article, I will explain five trending things in the technology world, starting from the level of less efficiency.

5. Cloud Computing (CC): This is basically used to store large files and data on the could. It is very essential in the 21st century which makes most companies in the world use it to carryout storage of data. Unlike other ways of storing data, are prone to fire disaster and insecurity to most companies. But CC is less risk free and makes work easier.

4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): This is a tool which has been designed to carryout most of the desk work done by humans in various companies or organizations around the globe. It is of great importance to equip yourself with the knowledge of the internet in order to be able to handle the trending technologies in the universe.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI): This is the creation of machines or intelligent computers to replace human activities. Some of the routines done by high performance computers include Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Ability to move objects.  One of the examples of AI is the production of electric cars by Tesla. It is evident that they will soon control virtually over 70% of human activities in the globe. Therefore, it is paramount to learn how to control most of them in the future.

2. Internet Of Thing (IoT): This is the process of connecting virtually everything used by mankind to the internet for easy control and accessibility. Have you imagined connecting your Television, Fridge, Microwave, all your house appliances to the internet with the aid of sensors, to be controlled through your mobile phone or laptop? This is what IoT can do. It is the second most disruptive tool which a lot of benefits embedded in it.

1. Blockchain (BC): This is a disruptive killer app, which has been deployed on the internet since 2008, with the aim to change the world economy. It was created to solve the problems which other industries has been facing lately. Examples, Health sector, Bank, Businesses.
It is simply a technology which records transactions and  data openly in a distributed ledger without any alterations. It happens to be the tool which carries Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


From the aforementioned five trending things in the technology world, it is crystal clear that the universe is changing so fast technologically. It is pertinent to know them and acquire suitable skills in order to survive in the changing world.

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