US Bank Scholarship: Requirements And Application Process


US Bank Scholarship: Requirements And Application Process

In need of a scholarship to further your education? This page features US Bank Scholarship requirements and application process. Read on to see the eligibility and how to apply.

The need for academic financial aid by students is not a strange thing in many parts of the world. Students in developed nations, even the highly reverted US is not left out of this circle. Hence the provision of scholarship opportunities as one of the solutions to care for this need.

Scholarship aids can be given based on different eligibility criteria, the primary one being academic merit. Others like field of study, race, gender, country, needs, region of origin, and so on can also be criteria for an individual’s eligibility for scholarship.

Here we are going to be discussing about one of the scholarship options available in the United States, the US Bank scholarship.

About the US Bank Scholarship Program

Banks in the US is one of the institutions that provides scholarship for students with financial need. This they do to help the students in the achievement of their academic objective and goals. The scholarships help take care of high tuition fees which may be beyond the student’s capacity.

The US Bank believes that financial education is key to an individual’s peace of mind and independence. The US bank scholarship (also called The Financial Genius Scholarship Programme) features a grant of $20,000 for the winner.

There are also extra rewards of a $10,000 and other three $5,000 in the programme. The money is not paid directly to the Winners of the scholarship. It is paid to the winner’s college or institution in the US to cover for his/her academic financial support, such as books, tuition, course materials and other academic fees.

Living expenses such as room, meals, and so on are exempted from the US Bank Scholarship cover. Failure to utilize the fund for academic needs will lead to withdrawal of the scholarship award.

US Bank Scholarship Requirements

As mentioned earlier in this piece, there are criteria to be met by a student before such can be qualified to apply for or win a scholarship.

The US bank scholarship is no exception to this rule. It’s not just something available for any individual to jump in no matter the state, age, or academic status. There are eligibility criteria to be met.

So what are the requirements needed to qualify to apply for the US bank scholarship? Here we have them:

·         Applicant must be a legal resident of any of the 50 states in the US.

·         The individual must be 16 years of age or older than 16 at the time of filing the application.

·         He/She must be an undergraduate in an approved US university or institution. Vocational, Trade, and Fully online based schools are excluded from this programme.

·         Potential candidates that are minors in their resident country will need legal guardian or parent consent.

Other individuals excluded from the US Bank Scholarship include officers, employees, directors of US Bank and all involved in the sponsor, production and promotion and their immediate households.

How to apply for the US Bank Scholarship

Application for the US Bank Scholarship programme can be submitted online on the US Bank website. It is easily accessible.

Simply visit get started.

Final Words

Here you have all you need to know about US Bank Scholarship. Feel free to apply if you are qualified, and please share this piece to benefit others too.

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