5 Best Alternatives to Paypal: How To Send And Receive Money Internationally In Nigeria Without Using Paypal

When it comes to sending and receiving money either for online payments of goods and services or for other purposes, the name Paypal is a stand-out.
It is the strongest and most generally accepted method of making financial transaction online. There is hardly an e-commerce website or app where the use of Paypal is not accepted.
Great websites like Facebook, Google and commercial sites like GoDaddy, Fiverr etc., all have paypal as one of their major payment gateways.
This is mostly because of the following reasons:
  1. When it comes to security of financial details of individuals and businesses, Paypal is one name you can actually trust.
  2. It is currently the most widely used payment service on the internet which they have millions of users worldwide.
  3. It is very easy and fast to carry out transactions using Paypal.
However, with all its popularity and wide acceptance, Paypal has not been to extend its open arms to many countries for reasons best known to them.
Some of the countries where do use of Paypal is almost, if not totally impossible includes Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Cote d’Ivoire, Belarus, DR Congo, etc. Also in some other countries like Nigeria, you can only send money or make payments using Paypal. Receiving money through it is currently not allowed by Paypal.
This is why I have made a list below of 5 best alternatives to Paypal that anybody can use anywhere to not only send but also receive money internationally. Whether you are in the United States, Australia, India, Nigeria, Belarus, Ivory Coast etc, you will find this list helpful. It works for almost any country at all.
1. Skrill: When it comes to sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world, I personally consider Skrill to be Paypal’s biggest competitor and number one alternative. Here is why:
With Skrill, it is currently possible to send and receive money in about 200 countries or more. With 40 major currencies of the world within its circle of operation, Skrill has all it takes to carry out day to day transactions from any part of the world.
The most beautiful aspect of it is the tightness of its security system and how easy it is to make transactions using it.
To send money to any part of the world, you will need to first sign up with Skrill, fill in your bank or card details after which you will be required to enter the recipient’s email address. If the recipient is also a Skrill user, the money is immediately transferred to him. If he is not already, Skrill will notify him of the money sent to him through his email with instructions on how he can sign up and transfer the money to his local bank account and in his local currency.
Skrill’s transfer charges to international destinations when compared to that of others are very low.
2. Payoneer: Like Paypal, Payoneer has built for itself a very strong reputation when it comes to sending and receiving money online.
It is no wonder Fiverr and some other great e-commerce websites has it as their primary alternative to Paypal.
After signing up with them, Payoneer offers you a world class prepaid card (Mastercard) that can be used on any ATM anywhere in the world to carry out banking activities like checking of account balance, account statement, sending and withdrawing of money.
Payoneer also has one of the most trusted security systems in the world. Their security is so tight to the point that it can even detect fraudulent activities on ATMs that have been compromised the moment you insert your card there and will notify you of the risk immediately.
Apart from all this, you also have the opportunity to make money with Payoneer immediately after you sign up with them through their “refer a friend” program and affiliate marketing.
Like Skrill, it is also possible to make transactions in over 200 countries using Payoneer. If you are actually looking for a means to receive money from anywhere in the world urgently, I recommend you sign up with Payoneer now. You will be glad you did, trust me.
3. Paysera: This is an online payment gateway that was specially built with individuals and businesses in mind.
Paysera makes sending and receiving money internationally as easy and simple as ABC. Their services are currently in operation in over 180 countries of the world and their transfer charges are very low compared to other online payment gateways.
Though not very popular, Paysera is also a better alternative to Paypal.
4. Western Union: This may be the strongest, most used and most reliable method of sending and receiving money anywhere in the world today.
With more than 500,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union offers you the opportunity to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.
While others take a long time, like 3 to 7 days to process transactions, Western Union gives you the opportunity to process transactions in minutes with their super fast services.
They also have a good tracking system to enable you track or monitor your transactions e4ither from within their app or directly on their website.
Apart from the self service method of sending and receiving money through their online platforms, Western Union also offers you the opportunity of making these transactions in person through their agent locations worldwide.
5. Moneygram: Like Western Union, Moneygram is also one of the strongest, most used and reliable methods of sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world.
Their over 70 years of experience in this field makes them a standout among so many payment gateways.
Moneygram is currently active in over 200 countries and territories and possesses a strong network of over 375,000 agents worldwide.
Since its inception in 1940, Moneygram has continued to improve its services over the years to the point that making transactions with it is very simple and fast. Their charges are not so scary when compared with other alternatives to Paypal.
With Moneygram you can be rest assured your financial details are secured and that your transactions will be fully processed within a very short time.
Like Western Union, you can choose to send and receive money in person using one of the agents of Moneygram or you can do everything online through their website.
That is all for now. Do you know any other better alternative to Paypal? Let me know through the comment box below.
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