6 Best Covid19 (Coronavirus) Test Kits For Home And Office Use


Check out the best covid-19 (coronavirus) test kits for home use. These coronavirus self test kits can also be used at school or office.

Being able to carry out a COVID-19 test at home and office with so many preventive measures already in place, such as social distancing and strict hygiene protocols prevents people from contracting the virus at clinics or even while commuting.

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Best Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Test Kits For Home & Office Use

  • DxTerity

DxTerity COVID-19 Saliva at-Home Collection Kit comes with Prepaid Express Return Shipping and Laboratory PCR Testing.

  • LetsGetChecked

You can take the samples needed for their test at a time and place that suits you. When you have provided the samples, you have to ship them back to LetsGetChecked using the shipping label provided.

You can access information about the tests on the website, including information on the best time to take samples.

You can track your samples from when it leaves your home until it arrives at LetsGetChecked facility. 

The LetsGetChecked lab will notify you once your samples arrive. 

The notification will also state when your results will be available. According to the website, this is within 2–5 working days.

  • Everywell

Depending on the test you order, you’ll need to collect blood sample, saliva, vaginal swab, and/or urine sample. 

Everywell blood-based tests use a well-established collection method called “dried blood spot.” 

This way of collecting a blood sample is technologically quite different than a typical blood draw (and requires very little blood).

Inside each kit is all the material you’ll need to send your sample to their labs where they use for testing, including a prepaid shipping label. 

You’ll just slip your sample into the unused mailer that comes with the kit, apply the shipping label, and drop it in the mail.

  • Phosphorus RT-qPCR

The Phosphorus RT-qPCR test is validated to detect active SARS-CoV-2 in individuals who suspect they currently have or have previously been infected with COVID-19.

After shipping your Saliva sample, the results will be provided within 1-2 days of your completed test kit arriving at our lab.

  • Him & Hers

The process for getting an at-home COVID-19 test through Him & Hers starts with a short questionnaire on their website.

You then have to consult with one of their doctors to determine if you should take the test, depending on your symptoms.

Him & Hers requires payment before sending the kit to you.

The test involves a non-invasive saliva sample, which makes it one of the easiest self-collection test kits.

Results are available to view in your Hims & Hers online account within 3 to 5 days.

  • Pixel by Labcorp

Pixel by Labcorp is the most accessible at-home COVID-19 test and the only test that doesn’t require an upfront payment.

Once you receive the kit within 2 days, the test involves a simple nasal swab.

You’ll receive results within 1 to 2 days digitally. A clinician is also available for a free consultation with those whose test results are positive or undetermined.

In Summary

The best covid19 test kits for home and office use are listed above. Get yourself tested today. They are all reliable, fast and affordable.

I hope you find this information helpful.

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