Top 10 Best Skin Lightening Creams And Lotions In Nigeria: Fastest Action


Your skin tone can amplify your self-confidence and it can be a major downer, especially when your skin is overcome by dark spots, acne, and hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays, age, hormone fluctuations, and bad skin products.

However, these can be treated with skin lightening products, which are often recommended by dermatologists.

So if you desire perfect and glowing skin in the shortest time possible, this article brings you the top 10 best skin lightening creams and lotions in Nigeria with the fastest actions.

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How Do Skin-lightening Products Work?

Let’s go all science geek now.
Skin lighteners contain certain ingredients that reduce the amount of the colour-determining pigment in the skin called melanin.

There is a right way to lighten your skin without all the undesirable aftereffects.
Buy products with naturally derived ingredients such as lemon juice, milk, kojic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, and liquorice.
Avoid those that contain chemicals like sulfur, arsenic, and mercury

If the products have hydroquinone, they should be avoided except it is present in concentrations below 2%.

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Top 10 Best Skin Lightening Lotions And Creams In Nigeria

The following are some of the best skin lightening cream and lotions in Nigerian markets at the moment

1. Lotus herbal white glow whitening and brightening cream

This cream quickly tones the skin by clearing pigmented areas and reduces dark spots. It restores your skin from the inside and gives it a lighter, glowing and smooth finish.

For further protection, it shields your skin from hurtful UV beams and prevents tanning.

2. Antipodes manuka honey skin brightening day cream

It is renowned for its fast skin-lightening action. It contains manuka honey which helps to treat skin blemishes, and gives the skin a youthful and bright appearance.

It targets redness and pigmentation, resulting in an even skin tone while hydrating and firming the skin.

3. Nella magical whitening lotion

There are many reasons to love Nella Magical Whitening Lotion. It is praised for its mildness, fast action, and long-lasting results. 
It gently tones the skin from the inside out revealing a smooth and even complexion.

4. Bismid whitening cream

This product is suitable for all skin types.
It whitens the skin and adds a visible glow to it. It has a fast-acting brightening effect on the skin and quickly reduces discoloration.
You will love its effectiveness and gentle touch on the skin.

5. Pond’s white beauty daily spotless lightening cream

The formula was created to brighten skin from the inside out.
It is recommended for all skin types.
It leaves your skin radiant by reducing dark spots and fading dark areas.
In addition, it contains SPF 15 for protection against UV rays.

6. Clean & clear fairness cream

The cream brightens and lightens the skin INSTANTLY and it’s no hype. It has oil control and UV protection properties. It is known to give fairness that lasts long

7. Fair and white gold

This breakthrough lotion reduces dark spots caused by aging,  hormonal fluctuations, and acne scars. It brightens, moisturises, and soothes the skin at the same time.

8. Express glow triple fast-lightening beauty cream

If you have stubborn and resistant skin, Express glow is your best bet. It acts quickly on stubborn scars and resistant dark spots and instantly whitens the skin.

9. Nivea natural fairness face and body cream

If you desire fairer and even-toned skin, this cream comes highly recommended. It enhances the skin’s natural radiance by reducing skin pigmentation and facilitates even-toned skin.

10. Dove fairness nourishment body lotion

Dove fairness nourishment body lotion contains natural carrot for fair and white glowing skin. The natural skin nutrients present in it provide deep skin nourishment.

In Summary

These are the top 10 best skin lightening creams and lotions in Nigeria with the fastest action. Hope it helps.

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