Best Free Mobile Phone Games To Play


Are you a fan of mobile phone games? Are you searching for best android games to play?

This article will provide you with different categories of free mobile phone games to try out.

Apple and Google Playstore are filled with gaming applications from different developers around the world. This ranging from action to adventure, puzzle, sports and many others.

While this is goodnews, it comes with a very little challenge. The challenge there is that you will have to go through several thousands to find the best ones for you.

That is the major reason for this page. To help make things simpler for you.

If you are searching online for best free interesting mobile phone games to download and play, here is a list of some of the top rated ones for android and iOS devices:

• Ninja Warrior

• Drive

• Mario Kart Tour

• Sky force reloaded

• Asphalt 9 legends


1.       Ninja Warrior

Ninja warrior is the best among other Ninja fighting games. The visual graphics are very good, plus it has a unique sound effect and has various skills moves such as hidden paddle, fast darts and deadly slashes.

The mode of the game is to save hostages that are kept by enemies, break into their territory and kill all the enemies.

To kill the enemies easily you can collect gold and diamonds in order to increase your combat power. When your power is increased it enables you to kill your enemies easily.

The game is really fun to play, try downloading it.


2.       Drive

Here is another interesting game to try. It’s simple and fun as well. It has a good visual graphics and simple controls.

The controls are really simple but the car itself is hard to drive. The system of the game is for you to;

• Drive through rough terrains

• Collect coins on the street while driving

• Collect and fill your gas

• Fill up the bars

• Run from police car

• Lastly and importantly do not crash any car.

Can’t you see this game will be great fun? You should try it out.

3.       Mario Kart Tour

Maria kart tour is a mobile version of the popular game series that was launched in 2019. It is a race game that makes you hungry for more race. It also provides you the access to race live with other players online. In this game you can

• Win races and earn more points

• Play and win multiplayers

• Collect gold coins as much as you can

• Collect rubies

•Collect grand stars

• Unlock all characters

The selection of characters, gliders, and karts have been updated and expanded. This will provide more interesting places to race.


4.       Sky Force Reloaded

This is a shooting game, it is the modern version of the sky force series with modern visuals and design. With its modern properties, sky force is now convenient for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones. With sky force you get to enjoy

• Gorgeous visuals

• Excellent gameplay

• Flashy explosions

• Beautiful scenery

• Massive bosses

All in a single player mode or local cooperative mode.

5.       Asphalt 9: Legends

It’s an epic car action racing game suitable for all Android phones. This game has the following components

• Best cars from car manufacturer like Ferrari, W motors, Porsche. With this game you can ride on your dream car.

• You can get over 50 world’s best speed machines and race up to become a legend.

• You can also customize your car with colors by choosing the color of your car for the Rims to look good on the track.

• You can also create your own online community likeminded racer friends. This is one of a kind. You can collaborate with other players for a real race and stand the chance to be part of the multiplayer club leaderboard.

• The controls are easy to use.

You can try any of the games listed above to enjoy your leisure time. These are the best games to download and this year.

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