Top 6 Best Computer Software You Must Master To Make Money Online And Offline

Since the invention of the device known as computer, innumerable amounts of people have made money both online and offline using some computer applications known as Software.
While some people never originally intended to learn how these software work so as to make money from them, they ended up discovering that these computer programs can actually change their financial status for life.
In this post, I have compiled some of the best computer programs (software) to learn if you are serious about making money online and offline.
However, before I show you these computer applications I am talking about, let me briefly explain what the word “software” is all about for the sake of those who are just coming across the word or those without a clear understanding of the word.
What does the term “software” mean?
According to Business Dictionary, the term “software” refers to organized information in the form of operating systems, utilities, programs, and applications that enable computers to work.
Software consists of carefully-organized instructions and code written by programmers in any of various computer languages.
Software is divided commonly into two main categories:
  • System Software: controls the basic (and invisible to the user) functions of a computer and comes usually preinstalled with the machine
  • Application Software: handles multitudes of common and specialized taskes a user wants to perform, such as, accounting, communicating, data processing, word processing etc.

Can one truly make money using these software?
Of course. Like I said earlier on, innumerable numbers of people are currently making money all over the world using the computer. This is mostly as a result of several software installed on these computers.
Below, you will find some of the best software you can master today and start making money online and offline as soon as possible.
Best Computer Software To Learn And Make Money Today
1. Microsoft Word (Ms Word)
Microsoft Word popularly known as Ms Word, is a word processing software developed by Microsoft.
It is used in the typing, designing and printing of documents which can be saved in different formats for later use.
If you are hoping to make money online as a freelancer, or to even establish an offline computer business centre, then you will do well to learn how this software works.
You cannot be a successful content writer if you do not know how to use this. Other Word Processors that you can also learn includes iWriter by Kingsoft (WPS) and WordPerfect.
2. CorelDRAW
CorelDRAW is a software used for all forms of graphics designing. From the designing of handbills, business cards, logos, flyers, to any type of banner, corelDraw enables you to do it all.
By learning this software, there is no limit to how much you can make online on sites like, and even since graphics designers are among the most sought after on those freelancing websites.
Using your knowledge of corelDRAW, making money offline also becomes an easy task that you will enjoy doing.
Other computer applications that works like corelDRAW you can also learn includes: Inkscape and so many others.
3. WordPress
WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used in building, designing and running of a website.
It is estimated that over 40% of the websites all over the world are currently running on WordPress.
While a few people believes in the myth that WordPress is not fully secure, it’s usage in some of the most secured websites in the world is a proof that the software itself is not the way some persons see it.
By learning how WordPress works, you can be able to setup a blog or even create a full website for people without much stress and make money online and offline.
4. Photoshop
Developed by Adobe Systems Inc, Photoshop is an image editing software that you can use to make any photo appear the way you want.
A software that has completely revolutionized the world of photography, Photoshop has all the features one can be looking for in a modern day photo editing software.
If you want to make some decent money from photography, especially in this age of social media, then learning this software is just the perfect place to start from.
5. Google Chrome
Developed by Google, this software enables you to browse the internet fast from any location in the world.
Other web browsers that functions almost exactly as Chrome includes Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser etc.
6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This video editing software is a must learn for all those hoping to make some cool cash using the computer either online or offline.
Other video editing software you can master and make money with it includes Nero and so many others.
7. WavePad
WavePad is one of the most highly rated music making and editing software anyone can ever think of.
The software lets you produce audio files with high quality sounds. Whether you intend making audio files for a client over the net or you plan to setup a studio of your where you will be recording and editing sounds, you will find WavePad very useful.
It has unique features that you would desire in a modern music editor and lets you save your audio files in different formats.
With a paid version, you can get all the professional features to make audio files your clients will love. Apart from that, you do not need to worry yourself much when it comes to learning how the software works. There are lots of YouTube videos that you can watch and master the software yourself.
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Ref: Business Dictionary (Android App)

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