Best Websites To Grow Your Christian Faith

Are you searching online for best Christian websites to visit?

Would you like to build a stronger relationship with Jesus?

This article is for you!

Every Christian desires to grow their faith and enjoy God in diverse ways. Faith is the basic foundation of our Christian walk with God.

For every Christian who desires to know God for himself, hear His voice, walk in righteousness and be able to work miracle, this article is here to help you with various websites that can help you enhance and grow your faith. Keep reading.

Best Websites To Visit Regularly As A Christian

These websites listed below are very helpful for both new converts and those who desires growth in their walk with God as concerning faith, which is the essential root of our Christian Life.


FeedMeJesus is an online ministry aimed at helping Christians especially the youths become better Christians and improve their faith.

An outreach of Grace Word Assembly NG, the website is a platform to learn about God’s unconditional love and grace revealed in His Son Jesus Christ.

By visiting this site regularly, you will learn more about the Gospel which encases the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, and the implications of His sacrifice for mankind.

 On the website, you will find both audio teachings and a library of articles.


This website teaches all you need to know about Jesus. It is also loaded with articles like Christian documentaries, audios and podcasts to equip you with the knowledge of Jesus.


This website is essentially great for Bible study because it contains not less than 39 different translations of the Bible which makes Bible study easier and comprehensive.

It is also rich in Bible dictionaries, biblical encyclopedias, Christian books from major Christian generals etc. Bible study is made easy with these materials.


This website offers reading plans and note taking for Bible study. It is good for a regular reading time table.


This is another version of YouTube which apparently provides strictly Christian movies that will help you grow in Faith.

These movies are great source of encouragement, sermons, clean and godly entertainment and spiritual challenge.


This is a blog that contains scriptural materials to help you love God and desire to be like him. It is one of those Christian websites you will enjoy visiting on a daily basis.


This website is designed to help Christians grow in the light of the Gospel. Here you can find Bible study tips, free Christian books, and sermons.


This site provides you with creative media that edifies and strengthens you to become a better Christian. The content you will find there are usually very inspirational.


As the name goes, this website is aimed at building up the Christian faith of a believer with different materials such as Christian books from trusted authors, media and magazines.


Here you will find practical tips from stories, encouragement and insight that you motivate you to grow in your faith.

In the light of these, all these websites provide different materials to help you improve in your knowledge of God’s word which will help you exercise the right kind of faith.

I hope you find them very useful.

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