Richest Nollywood Celebrities 2022


Have you ever wondered who the richest celebrities in Nollywood are? Check out this list of the wealthiest stars in the Nigerian movie industry to know if your favourite actor is one of them.

Nollywood is filled with so many interesting and wonderful personnel (actors and actresses) who in one way or another have captured our hearts by the roles they play in movies.

This article will help you know the net worth or financial status of these celebs. Read on.

Richest Celebrities in Nollywood

These lists comprises of their net worth and the fleet of cars they own. Enjoy!

1.       Desmond Elliot –  N3 Billion

The Nollywood actor has been in the industry for two decades. His net worth is N3.8 billion.

His cars include a Vintage Mercedes Benz (N30m), Range Rover Evoque (N23.8m), Toyota 4Runner Classical (N15.9m), Toyota Hiace (N15.3m), Ford Explorer (N13.8m), Nissan Versa (N5.8m) and Toyota Camry 2010 (N2.3m).

His other properties includes a multimillion naira mansion in Lagos. He also owns a movie production and distribution company called Denziot Production.

2.       Richard Mofe Damijo – N2.6 Billion

Popularly called RMD. The actor has made for himself lots of wealth from the industry. His net worth is N2.6billion.

His cars are: Mercedes G550 (N43.6m), Lexus LX570 (N35.3m), Toyota Land Cruiser (N30.8m), Mercedes Benz GLE 550 (N24.7m), Range Rover Evoque (N21.7m), BMW 4 Series Coupe (N19.8m),  Toyota Highlander (N17.1m), Mercedes Sedan (N14.1m).

He is also known to wear expensive wristwatches like those ranging from 25.3K – 400k.

3.       Ramsey Nouah – N1.9 Billion

Popularly called ‘lover boy’, Ramsey Nouah is the third of our list. He has a net worth of N1.9 billion. He is a mixed blood of both Israel and Nigeria.

Being one of the top men in the industry his fleets of cars are quite expensive and mostly customized. Among them are: Rolls-Royce Phantom (128m), Aston Martin DBS Superleggera (110.8m), Tesla Model X (48.1m), Hummer H2 Stretch Limousine (16.4m).

Like every other rich men, Ramsey also owns an expensive mansion in Lagos.

4.       John Okafor – N1.7 Billion

The one and only Mr.Ibu has been in the movie industry for a long time. He is popularly known to feature in comedy movies and has be seen in more than 200 movies.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Ibu is among the best comedy actors in Nigeria at the moment.

His lifestyle and cars have been discreet. He is not known to live a luxurious lifestyle. However, here are some of the cars in his garage: Lexus LX 570 (N55m), Mercedes Benz GLE SUV N(19.4m), BMW X6 (N16m), Mercedes Benz C240 (N15m).

Just like RMD, Mr Ibu is a lover of necklaces. His necklaces are said to be worth N100k – N1.3m respectively.

5.       Nkem Owoh – N1.5 Billion

Mr. Osuofia as he is often called is one interesting man in the industry. It was sometime rumored that he doesn’t make use of movie script yet he plays his role very natural and perfect.

Though he is very rich, he is not as luxurious as many will think. Of course he has a mansion in Enugu his hometown but a few expensive cars.

His cars includes Mercedes Benz 4Matic which costs more than N15million and a Mitsubishi Montero SUV of more than N10million. His mode of life is very simple,

Nkem Owoh is estimated to have a net worth of N1.5billion.


6.       Mike Ezuruonye – N1.2 Billion

He was formerly a banker in one of the famous Nigerian banks before going into acting in the early 2000s. He plays different roles from a lover boy to a comedian.

He has featured in several movies and has earned for himself a fortune making him the sixth on our list. His net worth is N1.2 billion.

His lifestyle has been a very simple one from the start earning him just two luxurious cars, a Mercedes Benz 4Matic of more than N25million and a red Range Rover of more than N20million. There’s no concrete information as to where his mansion is located.

7.       Yul Edochie – N1 Billion

The best actor in Nollywood presently, he is the most sought after by movie producers. He has won the heart of many thereby getting lots of fans for himself.

He is the last card (son) of one of the Nollywood legend Pete Edochie. Yul Edochie net worth is N1billion.

He believes in a simple but classic lifestyle that’s why his fleets of cars are Lexus LX 570 (N32.2m), Mercedes GL 450 (N25.3m), Mercedes C Class (N19.5m), Toyota Highlander (N14.5m), Honda Accord 2010 (N10.6m), Toyota Camry 2007 (N10.2m).

He also has a mansion in Lekki and an academy. He is a lover of classic wristwatches, especially those that are worth thousands of naira.


8.       Genevieve Nnaji – N1 Billion

The next of our list is Miss Genevieve. She has gained for herself many awards. She is not only the richest actress but also the most beautiful and classic among others.

However rich and classic the hot babe is not seen with too many cars. She drives a Mercedes Benz G wagon worth N30m and a Range Rover Evoque worth N20m.

She also owns two multimillion mansions in Nigeria and Ghana respectively. Her luxurious mansion in Ikoyi is said to worth more than N220 million. Her net worth is N1billion.

9.       Rita Dominic – N950 Million

With a net worth of N950m, the actress has gained many awards in the movie industry. She is said to own a car worth over N30million Mercedes Benz ML 350 4matic precisely. She also owns a luxurious mansion of more than N150 million in Lagos State.

10.   Mercy Johnson – N900 Million

Known as the best actress in Nollywood. She is known to be versatile in her roles. This means that she fits perfectly well in any kind of role. She has also made lots of award and has won the heart of many fans.

The actress is said to own a mansion in Ajah estate and also drives a Lexus SUV of more than N15million. She owns other expensive cars which are not listed here. She is also the most sought after among other actresses.

In Conclusion

These celebrities are doing well making investments which were not listed here. They are also married with kids and are ambassadors in different firms, organization and companies. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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