Businesses To Start With 50K In Nigeria


Here’s a list of businesses to start with N50K in Nigeria.

The rate at which unemployment rise in Nigeria is very alarming, even those with certificate still struggle to get a well paid job in Nigeria and even those with the well paid jobs are looking for businesses to invest on. Students, workers and every individual can start a business with just a little amount of money. Start with the little you have. 

There are so many businesses you can start with 50k in Nigeria just look for a good location and apply the right attitude to work. Business involves a buyer and a seller, it also involves  providing services to customers in need . 

Businesses To Start With N50K In Nigeria

1. Dry Cleaning

This is a very lucrative business to start with 50k. To start this business a good location should be your starting point, after which water and electricity supply should be your next point of concern.

Just get a well arranged place to rent for not less than 20k,your shelf, table, pressing iron, buckets, water,rope, pegs, and packaging materials should up to 30k or less than that.

Your pressing iron which include charcoal iron in case there is scarcity of electricity in that area. To invite more people you need to be hard working. Don’t collect more clothes when you know you are not done with the ones given at first it might kill your business.

2. Barbing

This business can be done easily. A very good location is the first thing to consider as well, next is a good place to rent. 

You just need electricity or a small generator that you can use in case, a clipper, mirror, carpet, hair cream, comb and some other minor things that may or may not be necessary. With 50k you will become an owner of a barbing salon.

There are many other businesses to start with 50k it includes:

  • Sales of cooking gas
  • Catering 
  • Sales of phone accessories
  • Smoked fish business
  • Selling drinks and water
  • Beauty salon
  • GOTV, POS business
  • Fruit business
  • Shoes making
  • Car cleaning

And many and many more businesses. All you need is the finance, right attitude to work and a good location. 

Finally no food for a lazy man, the country can not provide job opportunities for all her members all you need to do is to become your own boss by picking any good business that can put food on your table. Nothing good comes easy so you have to work very hard to earn a living.

Have you been searching online for businesses to start with N50K in Nigeria?

I hope this meets you on time.

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