Why Education Is Important Today


Education is a social institutes through which an individual can have knowledge to develop different skills and become a productive citizen of the country.

Education also involves a gradual process of learning, a lifelong process of learning which continues till death. Education extends from behind the closed doors of a classroom to the outside world, that is in our day to day activities we educate ourselves.

Education is also a key, a successful key that unlocks an individual mind to learn, only an individual who is ready to learn can pass through the center of education. 

Why Education Is Important

Education is an important part of an individual. Through education, different skills can be learnt. Through it, we become dynamic builders in our country.

Education has so many importance which includes the following:

1. It gives you an edge over the illiterate man. 

2. It helps you build relationships even outside the four walls of your classroom. 

3. Education can be formal and informal, and as such it gives you a wider perspective of things around you. And even beyond. 

4. Education can breed you into having a stable lifestyle. 

5. It helps you prioritize things in life and avoid silly mistakes as you’ll gain wealth of knowledge from people’s experiences and mistakes. 

6. It helps you acquire a certificate that’ll one day pay off.

7. Education also helps you to be relevant to yourself, family and community as a whole. It brings about trans-generational relevance.

8. Education helps you to communicate better and officially no matter where you find yourself.

9. Education also expands your thinking faculty and capability. 

Finally an illiterate in every aspect can never be as good as an educated man. The reason is because education has broaden the mind of that man. 

Education helps an individual to be exposed, creative and productive. It also help a man gain control of himself attitude wise and all in ramifications.

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