Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Customer Care Phone Number, Email, Whatsapp Number, Facebook, Intagram & Twitter Pages

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Customer Care Phone Number, Email, Whatsapp Number, Facebook, Intagram & Twitter Pages

Interested in knowing Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) customer care phone number, email, Whatsapp number, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page? Check this out!


The Central Bank of Nigeria is the financial institution that regulates the activities of other banks in the country. If you have any complain against your bank or any other financial institution, CBN is always ready to hear you out.


If you also wish to report any fraudulent transaction on your account or money laundering activities, you can also contact the bank’s customer care service for that.


Here are all the contact details to use in reaching them.


CBN Customer Service Phone Number For Calls


The following are the telephone numbers to call to reach CBN customer service. Take note of each of the numbers as they are listed based on the type of complaint you wish to lodge.

Check them out below:


  • Forex help desk: 09046237827, 09046237831 
  • Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme: 090462337602 
  • Ethics and Anti-corruption helplines: 08146239246, 09046236000
  • Authorized dealer enquires: 090946237804, 09046237804


The contacts provided in this article to reach out to the bank’s customer care service are not like every other banks. For Central Bank each contacts is customized to a particular service. For instance, the contact phone number or email to make a complain is different from the one you will use to make enquires. Therefore, according to their functions, each contacts or email are stated below.


CBN Customer Care Email Address



Central Bank of Nigeria Social Media Accounts


The following accounts and links are accurately used by customer care agents. You can use the links to keep in touch for your complains and enquires


  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/cenbankng
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/cenbank
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/cenbank
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/centralbankng


The social media platforms are the same for all kinds of complaints or enquires. Unlike the email and phone numbers, they are not specified to a particular request.


However, CBN do not have any registered Whatsapp number.

You can open GTBank account online today. You can also open that of Zenith Bank and UBA using your smartphone.


In Summary


Want to know the customer care number for CBN?

This article features the numerous ways to reach Central Bank of Nigeria customer care service.


These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email address as well as available phone numbers.


So if you need to report a fraud activity in your bank or you don’t feel satisfied or you want to make enquires generally, all you need is right here.

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