GUO Transport Price List 2022 (Lagos To Abuja, Benin Republic, Ghana, Etc)


Want to know the cost of traveling with GUO Motors?

Check out the updated transportation prices for GUO transport in 2022.

Here, you will discover how much it costs to travel to destinations like Abuja, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Accra Ghana and Benin Republic using GUO Motors.

I will also show you how to book your travel ticket online using the company’s official website.

Who Owns GUO Transport?

Okeke & Sons Ltd. A household name in the transportation industry and one of the largest provider of intercity and interstate transportation, serving more than 200 destinations across Nigeria and West Africa including Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Seme.

GUO Transportation Company has been in service for almost 35 years since its establishment in 1980 by Godwin Ubaka Okeke.

GUO transport company has over 80 fleets of cars including Toyota Sienna 7-seater vehicles, Sprinter 14-seater buses, and Toyota Hiace 15 seater.

They offer enjoyable and affordable traveling service to millions of customers.

How To Book An Online Traveling Ticket With GUO Transport

1. Visit GUO transport official website
2. Click on the menu tab and select your current or departure state.
3. Do the same for the next tab to input your destination location
4. Select your preferred terminal depending on your location
5. Then reserve a seat
6. Input your departure date and other required details.
7. Go ahead to book your ticket by paying for the ticket.
8. Once it’s successful, your ticket will be e-mailed to you.

Please Note The Following About GUO Online Tickets

GUO tickets lasts for 7 days and can be reused, in case you miss your bus and you want to travel the same route within 7 days. All you need is to change the departure date.

You can only change your departure once after missing a trip. The next trial will attract an extra fee of ₦2000.

You can also book on your departure date but bear in mind it will be expensive than normal. An extra charge of ₦1000 will be added.

Your luggage isn’t expected to be more than 10kg. If it’s more than that, you may have to pay an extra charge.

GUO also gives discounts to returning customers who have made nothing less than 30 trips with them.

Here’s An Updated Price List For GUO Transport 2022

Terminal/Route & Prices

  • Jibowu, Lagos to Abuja – Adult: ₦11,400, Child: ₦9,000
  • Lagos to Accra, Ghana – Adult: ₦23,000, Child: ₦19,000
  • Lagos to Benin Republic – Adult: ₦7,000, Child: ₦6,500
  • Jibowu to Ekwulobia – Adult: ₦12,350, Child: ₦9,750
  • Jibowu to Aba – Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Umuahia – Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Enugu – Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
  • Jibowu to Owerri – Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
  • Jibowu to Port Harcourt – Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Umunze – Adult: ₦9,500, Child: ₦7,500
  • Jibowu to Ogoja – Adult: ₦11,400, Child: ₦9,000

In Conclusion

GUO Transport price list can change at any time due to various economic factors. We will always do our best to keep this page updated.

GUO Transport has touched almost every corner of West Africa and also at the forefront in Nigeria as far as transportation is concerned.

For the best transport experience, give the company a trial. You won’t regret it. 

I hope you find this information useful,

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