Cost of US Visa in Nigeria (USD and Naira)


Travelling to the US is a major desire of the average Nigerian; be it for pleasure, tourism, business or employment, or education.

For this cause, information concerning visa application and its costs have become important; as it is important to calculate the cost before embarking on any journey.

I bring you a breakdown of the cost of a US Visa in Nigeria in this article.

The Complete Cost of US Visa in Nigeria

The cost of a US visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for. It generally includes:

  • Application fees.
  • Other extra fees.
  • Reciprocity fees

However it is important to note that on December 2, 2020, the US government removed all reciprocity fees for nonimmigrant visa categories in Nigeria.

The visa fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, and the payment receipt is valid for one year within which your interview is booked.

Application fees for US visas

The application rate for the more popular non-immigrant visas is $160, which is currently N65,600 (by the official CBN dollar-naira exchange rate as of 24th July 2021).

These visas include:

  • Tourist/Business or B visas.
  • Transit or C-1 visas.
  • Ship / Airline Crew or D visas.
  • Student (academic) or F visas.
  • Journalist and media or I visas.
  • Exchange visitors or J visas.
  • Student (vocational) or M visas.
  • Victim of human trafficking or T visas.
  • Victim of criminal activity or U visas.
  • NAFTA professional or TN/TD visas.

Application for petition-based visas is priced at $190; which is currently N77,900.

This visa type includes:

  • Temporary/seasonal workers or employment or H visas.
  • Intracompany transferees or L visas.
  • Persons with extraordinary ability or O visas.
  • Athletes, artists or entertainers, or P visas.
  • International cultural exchange Or Q visas.
  • Religious workers or R visas.

Application for K visas costs $265; in Nigerian currency, it is N108,650. K visas include visas for fiancé(e) or spouses of US citizens.

Application for E visas cost $205; converted to N84,050. These visas are for treaty traders and investors.

Other US Visa Fees

1. SEVIS fee

This fee is paid for the system that tracks students (academic or vocational) and exchange visitors and their families from the time they receive their initial documentation until the conclusion of their program.

The SEVIS fee for non-immigrant students with form I-20 is $350, which by conversion is N143,500.

And for exchange visitors with Form DS-2019, it is $220, which is N90,200.

People exempted from this fee those participating in US Government-sponsored programmes.

Blanket L fee

This is fraud prevention and detention fee which costs $500, and in our currency, it is N205,000. It is paid on the day of the interview.

US Payment Options

You have two options for payment for US visa:

Cast at bank

Non-immigrant visa applicants must pay the visa fee -in the local currency- at a GT bank branch, where you would be given a US visa fee collection slip.

You are required to present your international passport and to fill in accurate details.

At completion, the bank will issue you a receipt, which would be presented on your interview date.

You can schedule your interview 4 hours after payment (if you paid between 9 am to 3:30 pm). But any payment later than 3:30 requires you to schedule your interview from 10:00 am on the next banking day.

Online payment

You can make online payments using GT bank’s online bill payment service. You visit and select the visa payment option.

Make sure you fill in your correct details and print out the online receipt issued to you.

You can schedule your interview on the next banking day.

This is the full cost of a US Visa in USD and Naira. Hope this helps you plan well.

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