How To Book A Flight In Nigeria (Both Local And International Flights)


Given the inconveniencing length and time of road travel, most people opt for air travel for the comfort and speed it offers. 

So How do you book a flight in Nigeria?

On ground? Online? In a bank?

Just hold your horses and read through. 

At the end of this article, you’ll know how to book a flight in Nigeria. And I mean both local and International flights.

Let’s go through what you should do before booking a flight in Nigeria

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What You Do Before Booking Your Flight

First, prepare for your trip

Previously, that is before the advent of technology, flights were booked physically at airline offices. Imagine the stress!

Now, you can easily do all you need to online. 

So first thing, plan your trip.

Determine the where and when of your trip and make sure to have all the things required.

The best things are usually planned for except it is an urgent appointment.

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Get Your Booking Requirements Ready

The following are some of the flight booking requirements you should get ready ahead of time:

  • Personal details: name, email, address, phone number, date of birth.
  • Means of identification
  • International passport for international flights.
  • Debit card details.
  • Trip details: the date of departure and arrival, destination, type of trip (one-way or a round), number of travellers, cabin class.

(Sometimes, your destination may not have an airport, you may need to choose an airport in a neighboring state).

Once these things are ready, you should proceed to next thing which is the flight booking itself.

You can either book with a travel agency through their website or with an airline.

Below is how to do that.

How To Book On A Travel Site For Local Flights

Travel sites allow you compare the prices and availability of different airlines. 

You can use travelstart, flightscanna, wego,, konga travel,wakanow, and alternative airlines.

Different travel sites have different fees, as well as cancellation policies. You may want to check out the differences and opt for the best. 

These are the steps to follow when booking a flight with a travel agency through their website:

  1. Log on to the site you settled for.
  2. Fill in the trip details.
  3. The site automatically searches and presents you with options of different airlines for that date and destination.
  4. Select the option most suited to your schedule and budget. 
  5. Follow the site in filling in your details and payment options.
  6. After booking, you will be sent a reference ID that would be presented at the airport to get a boarding pass.
  7. A confirmation email will also be sent to you.

How To Book With An Airline In Nigeria

Nigeria has some very good airlines like Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, Azman Air, Overland Air, and Medview Airline.

You can visit their sites to compare the prices of different airlines and their schedules.

When you settle for one, fill in your info and preferences as the above and follow the instructions and requirements of the site.

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How To Book With A Travel Agent In Person

  • Contact a trustworthy travel agent either by referral or by an acquaintance.
  • Tell them about your travel plans and trip details.
  • Ask about extra fees and cancellation and refund policies.
  • Pay the agent in the best way he sees fit either via transfer or cash payment.
  • Supply your info, they would do the booking and would send you your reference ID and flight ticket.

For International Flights

International flights requires your International Passport, and booking is done on the international airline website. 

You can use Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, or Emirate Airlines.

Log on to the website and follow the instructions while filling in the correct details.

Make the payment on the site.

After this, you will receive a confirmation email that needs to be printed out.

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Useful Information You Should Keep At The Back Of Your Mind When Booking Your First Flight

Flight prices tend to increase one or two weeks before departure, so time is of the essence. It is advisable to book flights at least 6 weeks before the date.

The best times to book flights are in the mornings and midnight, and the noon and evening of weekends.

After reading this article on how to book flights in Nigeria, I hope you see that flight booking is not really a very difficult thing to do.

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