Does Costco sell plan B? (Who can buy, price+ More)

Getting drugs from Costco pharmacy saves you a lot of money on prescriptions. With its wide range of services, it is said that Costco has one of the most competitive prices.

There are many drug stores in the United States but research has shown that only 65 percent sell plan B. Does Costco sell plan B? Well, in this article we would learn more about Costco plan B and other related facts.

What is plan B?

It would be thoughtful to enlighten you on what plan B is all about in order to give you more insight into the topic.

Plan B is a contraceptive drug used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after having unprotected sex. It is said to be effective within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

It’s usually more effective when it is taken within 24 hours. Also, it is safe for patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

What is the cost of plan B at Costco?

The price if plan B at Costco varies as every store sell at different prices. This is because the state you reside can either inflate the price or maintain the normal rate. The average price of plan B at Costco is about $7.69 to $40.

Do you need to be a Costco member to purchase plan B?

Most Costco pharmacy do not mandate its customers to be a Costco member before given the chance to buy plan B from their store. Anyone can walk into a Costco store to buy plan B but this is quite limited in some states as some states do not permit it.

Nevertheless, there are benefits attached being a Costco member when you buy from the store plan B or other drugs. Costco members are given the opportunity to get prescription medications on lower rates than others when you present your membership card at a Costco pharmacy.

Note: Plan B isn’t considered a prescription hence the Costco membership benefit may not apply.

Does plan B affect your body?

The fact that Plan B can still taken even after five days after unprotected sex, you must know that it doesn’t stop the egg from fertilizing. Plan B are hormone-based drugs and is capable of delaying ovulation.

There is a tendency it may make you feel nauseous, tired, heavy-headed, and gives you sore breasts. It is common for these symptoms to stop after a few hours or days. If you find yourself vomiting after 2 hours of taking plan B, hurry up and consult your doctor.

People who shouldn’t take plan B are :

  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals allergic to levonorgestrels and synthetic progesterone.

How does plan B work?

As I mentioned earlier on this article, Plan B is used for birth control hence it works like every other birth control pills. It helps prevent ovulation eggs released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes. In this way fertilization seize to occur as there is no egg for the sperm to fertilize.

Furthermore, the lining of the uterus is changed in order to prevent the fertilized egg from making an implant in the uterus wall. With that said, it is of no use taking plan B when you are already pregnant as it would yield no effect.

If you are a breastfeeding mother or on your menstrual cycle, it is of no use taking plan B as it may not be of any effect to you. This is why it is advisable to use condoms when having sex in order to stay protected from having an unwanted pregnancy and STDs.


A large number of individuals today are faced with the challenges of parenting a child without proper preparation due to an unwanted pregnancy.

This has one way or another greatly affected the health of victims of unwanted pregnancy either physically or mentally.

With Costco plan B, individuals can easily purchase plan B as their prices are quite lower than their competitors. Becoming a member of Costco is a plus to the whole package as you are opportuned to get prescriptions on a cheaper price than regular customers.

We are glad to have you read our article and would love to know if you find it helpful. Make use of the comments section below to share your thoughts with us.

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