Does Walmart Pay Weekly In 2022? [See Full Guide]

When on the search for jobs like Walmart it is important you make inquiries like you’re doing now to know if you can fit into the job.

Most jobs in the US pay weekly but this is not the case with Walmart. Does Walmart pay weekly? This and more would be treated in this article you just have to keep scrolling.

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How Walmart employees are paid

Unlike most companies in the US, Walmart pays its workers every two weeks. The company practices an hourly rate of payments which sums up to be your two weeks’ earnings.

Some factors affect the rate at which you earn at Walmart and they are:

  • The city where you live
  • Your position in the company
  • Your designated shift. (Night shift workers tend to earn 50 cents extra).
  • The level of your experience on the job.

There are states in the US with strict laws that establishments like Walmart are to pay workers every week. This affects the bi-weekly payment system in those states. Below is the list of states that disapprove of the payment system of Walmart:

  • Vermont
  • Iowa
  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • California

What to Expect on your first paycheck

There are certain things you must be aware of while you’re about working with Walmart. There is a possibility you may be get employed just after salaries has been paid. You will likely wait for the next payment before you can be able to receive your paycheck. The reason is that:

  • It takes a longer amount of time to get new employees set up in the payroll system.
  • The salary for Walmart employees isn’t the same hence there would be a need to prorate the employee’s pay for a certain period.
  • The hourly system of payments takes time to process to ensure workers are paid the exact amount of money they labored for.

You should take proper documentation on the commencement of your pay period to the end to know the number of hours you’ve worked and the right amount of payments you are to receive.

Even Application

The Even app was introduced to Walmart employees in 2021, to enhance the speed of payments for their workers even before the set day for their payments.

The Even app acts as a finance manager for your money. It helps an individual to create a budget system to regulate how their money is being spent.

The Even app is capable of taking care of unplanned expenses this eases the stress of getting walked up over your financial issues.

Unused paid time off

In case you’re amongst the employees that have unused paid time off, Walmart has designed a system whereby workers can now receive some level of cash at the end of every given year.

A paid time off below 10 days is likely to roll over to the next year if it hasn’t been used already by you. This allows going wherever you want to go if you need time off for something.

Having a paid time off of more than 10 days will automatically roll over to the next year. The extra days would be converted to cash which gives you an extra income.

Walmart’s payday

Does Walmart pay weekly? Walmart’s bi-weekly system of payment begins from Saturday to Friday. Your hourly wages are sum up to be paid on Thursday of the preceding week. Hence, Thursday is the payday for Walmart employees.


Does Walmart pay weekly? The payment system of Walmart is uncommon in the US as most employees are likely to get their salaries at the end of every week.

Although some states in the US disapproves of the idea due to their strict laws guiding them, most states have embraced the idea. The partnership Walmart made with Even has been a blessing to its employees as they worry less about the happenings surrounding their finances. This and more are the good conducts of Walmart to its employees.

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