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FCMB USSD Banking Codes

FCMB USSD banking codes are banking codes in FCMB used to run FCMB  transfer, FCMB transfer activation, FCMB transfer registration, FCMB USSD code for recharge, how to check FCMB balance using USSD code, and FCMB transfer pin.

Lagos, Nigeria-based First City Monument Bank is a full-service bank with an emphasis on digital innovation, with the main office in the city’s financial district.

FCMB Group Plc, of which FCMB Bank (FCMB) Limited is a subsidiary, is one of Nigeria’s largest financial services firms, having several subsidiary companies that are market leaders in their respective fields.

FCMB hopes that it will strive to differentiate itself by providing great customer service, while also supporting the growth and expansion of our client’s personal and professional ambitions.

In this article, you will know about all FCMB USSD banking codes, and how to use them. Read on to know more about this post.


  • Introduction
  • About FCMB group
  • Summary of FCMB USSD codes
  • To Use FCMB Mobile Banking, Follow These Steps ( FCMB Transfer Code Activation )
  • What Can FCMB USSD banking codes Do for You?
  • Conclusion

FCMB USSD Banking Codes

Transacting in financial services should not be complicated or time- or location-sensitive. An easy, quick, and safe solution to accomplish this goal would be ideal. Register with any phone type by dialing *329#, and complete your transactions while out and about – even if you don’t have data!

Below are FCMB USSD banking codes

Summary of FCMB USSD codes

What are your plans for the day?

  • To add more credit to your phone, simply dial *329*Amount#.
  • To add credit to another phone, simply dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#.
  • To transfer funds, dial *329*Amount*Account number#.
  • *329*00# is the number to dial to find out your current account balances.
  • To reset or create a transaction code, dial *329*0#.
  • If you want to buy data on any phone, dial *329*1*Mobile Number#.
  • Subscription payments can be made by calling *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#.
  • To disable a debit card, dial *329#, pick self-service, and then select block card.
  • To block an account, dial *329#, pick self-service and choose block account.
  • To link your BVN, dial *329#, then self-service, then link BVN.
  • Dial *329#, choose a statement, select the full statement, and then choose a duration option (up to 6 months). Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive an email with your statement.
  • Instantly view your past five (5) transactions by dialing *329#, selecting statement, and then selecting mini statement.
  • To pay your power bill, you can dial *329 3 3*Meter No# or *329 3 3 *AccountID#.
  • Unregistered numbers can dial *329*911# to block their USSD profile or bank account.

To Use FCMB Mobile Banking, Follow These Steps ( FCMB Transfer Code Activation )

For individuals that haven’t yet registered their mobile number to utilize FCMB USSD Code, please follow the instructions below. You must have an FCMB account to use this mobile number ( the phone number must be used to open an FCMB bank account). If so, follow these instructions…

Enter *389*214# into your phone’s keypad to begin. To begin, you’ll receive an email from FCMB with a link to the following menu:

  1.  Use a credit or debit card to activate
  2. With an account, you can activate
  3. Mwallet can be used to activate the app.
  • Send a reply to option 2 (activate with account) to complete the process of signing in.
  • If you want to add another account to the service, a new notification will appear on your screen prompting you to input the account number.
  • Your account number must be entered correctly before you can respond. “Congratulations, you’ve successfully synchronized” will appear on your screen in a matter of minutes.
  • Now dial *389*214# by dialing the phone number that appears after you type it in.
  • Select Security from the drop-down menu. To change your PIN, select Change PIN and type in your new four-digit number. If possible, use a four-digit phone number. If you use a tricky pin and lose it. It will eventually lead to a bank trip. A customer support representative can assist you in resolving the issue. Don’t be a victim of identity theft.

The FCMB USSD code is now available on your phone so you can begin utilizing mobile banking. Transferring money across FCMB accounts is a cinch.

FCMB USSD Code: What Can It Do for You?

  • Online payments can be made.
  • Get an electronic statement
  • Purchase mobile phone minutes and/or texts.
  • Access and withdraw funds from your FCMB account.


With this article, you will get to know all FCMB USSD codes, how to activate and the benefits of having an FCMB USSD code. Hope the codes above were helpful for you…

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