How To Get, Activate & Use UBA AFRICARD In Nigeria For International Payments, Withdrawal & Verification (PayPal Supported Card)

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This post addresses each of these questions you may have about this awesome card introduced by the United Bank of Africa. Read on!

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What is Africard?

Like the name suggests, it is a VISA ATM card created by the United Bank of Africa with the whole of African continent in mind.
The card allows for easy payment and withdrawal from any automated teller machine (ATM) across the globe.
It also functions like a virtual credit card. You can use it for purchasing products online. It works perfectly well with sites like AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal and many others.
As a digital marketer, freelancer, online business consultant etc, you will be making a very wise decision getting this card for yourself and business. Trust me, it will help make a whole lot of things easier for you.
Presently, there are two types of this card that exist. One is personalised while the other is non personalised.
Both cost the same amount and function the same way. The only difference between them is that one is customized with your desired name while the other is not.
Another thing you must know before applying for any of them is that the personalized usually takes up to 4 days before you can receive it after the application.
The non personalised is issued instantly. The longest it will take you before you get it is 30 minutes!

Who Can Apply For UBA Africard?

Anyone can apply for it. Whether you have an account with the bank or not. As long as you are up to 18 years.
People from other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa etc, are also allowed to get the Visa Prepaid card. Provided they meet the requirements.
You will learn more about this as you read on.
If you’re very serious about making seamless transactions online from any part of Africa, this is the right bank card to get. It’s very easy to activate and use.
The fact that it is accepted on most international platforms like Paypal (for verification, funding and withdrawal) is one reason you should obta in it as fast as you can.

Requirements For Getting Africard From UBA In Nigeria and Africa

I mentioned Africa here because the requirements for acquiring the Visa Prepaid Card is the same everywhere.
Even if you are reading this guide from outside Nigeria, be rest assured that these things will be required of you by the bank before you are issued the card:
  • Your full names, phone number and email
  • Your valid ID card (National ID, Voters Card, Drivers License or International Passport)
  • Two passport photographs
  • A minimum of $4 ($2 for the card and the other $2 for funding it. You can also find it with more than that if you want)
  • A recent utility bill (NEPA bill for Nigerians)

Once you have all these ready, follow the instructions below to create the card.

Getting Your Africard Visa Prepaid Card In Nigeria (The Easiest Way)

Here’s how to get your Africard in Nigeria without delay:
1. Walk into any UBA branch in your area.
2. Meet the customer care representatives and tell them you want the card.
3. Be specific about the type you want even if they try to suggest other options to you (bankers are fond of this)
4. Fill the form given to you with your correct details.
5. Submit the other documents required of you alongside the form.
6. Wait in the banking hall for the card to be ready (this can take up to 30 minutes)
7. Collect your card and visit any of the ATMs in the bank to activate it.

Activating The Card For ATM And Online Transactions

After collecting your UBA Africard, the next thing is to activate it for transactions.
Like I stated earlier, the activation process is easy though it’s somehow tricky.
That’s because you will need to activate the card first for ATM transactions. After that, you still have to activate it for online transactions separately.
That’s why the card usually comes with two activation pins. One at the top (for ATM) and the other below (for web access activation)

How To Get, Activate & Use UBA AFRICARD In Nigeria For International Payments, Withdrawal & Verification (PayPal Supported Card)

Most people don’t know  this. They think activating it through the ATM alone is enough. That’s the reason they find it difficult to use the card for transactions online even though they can use it on ATMs.
To fully activate the card, follow the directions below:


Visit any available ATM in your area and insert the card.
Unseal and input the pin at the top of the card information paper
Create a new pin for your ATM transactions and remove your card once it’s successful.
You can test it by checking your balance.

Online Access Activation

To activate the Africard for online transactions, simply visit
Enter the card number in the space provided for “User Name/Customer I.D”
Where you see “Passcode” on the platform, enter your internet access pin there.
After that, click on login. You will be prompted to create a new username and password for accessing the platform.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions and get everything done ASAP.
Once you have completed that, you are free to start using the card for transactions both on the web and on ATMs across the globe.
You can also check your balance through any of these two options whenever you want.
If you have been desiring to buy anything on any international platforms before, now is the time to do that.

Linking And Verifying Your Paypal Account With UBA Africard

To successfully verify and link your Paypal account with the card, you will have to do just two things.
The first is to open a fresh PayPal account using Lesotho, United Arab Emirates and any other Paypal accepted country as your location.
You can do that using a very strong VPN like Turbo or Betternet on Android.
Please by all means, avoid using United Kingdom, USA and even South Africa as your location. Your Africard won’t work with these countries I just mentioned on the Paypal platform.
After opening a fresh Paypal account with Lesotho or United Arab Emirates as your location, click on link a bank card and input your card details.
You’ll receive a debit alert from your bank shortly due to the Paypal account linking charge. This shows that your Paypal account has been successfully linked to your card.
Having done that, your PayPal account will be successfully verified.

Withdrawing From Paypal With The Card

Once you have successfully linked and verified your PayPal account, you can withdraw funds from it to your Africard.
After that, all you have to do is visit any ATM of your choice and cash out the money right here in Nigeria or any location you are at the moment.

In Summary

The UBA Africard is a lifesaver for online workers. With it you can easily send and receive payments from on any international platform.
Are you searching for how to get and use the VISA prepaid card to verify your Paypal account?
Would you like to learn how to send and withdraw Paypal funds in Nigeria with the Africard?
This guide holds your answers.
I hope you find it useful.

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