Fulani Braids: Beautiful Hairstyles That Go With Beads, Natural Hair And Curls (Pictures And Videos)

Are you searching online for Fulani Braids? Check out pictures and videos of the beautiful hairstyles with beads, natural hair and curls.

Fulani braids rank among the hottest and evergreen hairstyles for beautiful black women all over the world. Whether African-Americans or pure African ladies.

Just like the popular Anita Baker Hairstyles, Fulani braids hairstyles works with all face types — oval or round. A few celebrities like Rihanna has been pictured wearing the trending hairstyle in recent time.

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Origin Of Fulani Braids

What are Fulani braids? You asked.

Where did the hairstyles come?

Fulani braids are hairstyles adopted from the Fulani ethnic group in Nigeria and surrounding African countries. The hairstyles are part of the long held cultures of the Fulani people.

The hairstyle normally stops around the shoulders, though in modern times, Fashionistas do take it down to the waist or a little above it.

The breads are often done with beads and curls to look exactly like that of the native Fulani women in Nigeria and other African countries.

Which is better, Fulani braids with beads, natural hair or curls?

The best way to make Fulani braids is with beads. You can choose to use your natural hair if your hair is really long, or you can use attachments for it.

For short Fulani hairstyles, you can go for curls. They will look absolutely beautiful on you.

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Fulani Braids Pictures

Would you like to see some pictures of Fulani braids to decide if it’s the right hairstyle for you?

Take a look at some of the photos of the beautiful hairstyles below:

If you are still finding it difficult to come to a decision, you can watch the video of the hairstyle below and see if it helps.

Fulani Braids Video

Click on the Play button ▶️ to see how beautiful the hairstyle is and decide if it will look good on you.

The video is also a tutorial on how to make it.

Final Words

Fulani braids is a leading hairstyle among females in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and several other African countries where the beauty of the ethnic group is highly celebrated.

The hairstyle has also spread beyond the African continent but still mostly by blacks ladies in America, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden and other countries with a high population of black women.

Would you like to try the hairstyle to see how good it looks on you?

You take a clue from the images here. You’d be amazing in it. Just remember it goes with beads and curls, and you can as well make it with just your natural hair if it’s long enough.

Photo credits: Pinterest

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