How To Secure Your Facebook And Instagram Accounts From Being Hacked (Latest Methods)


The rate of cyber-crime these days is alarming. If you’re not careful enough you’ll loose your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts to hackers. When this happens, they tend to scam your friends, family and loved ones.

It is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect your Facebook and Instagram account from hackers.

We know that the best defense is a strong offense! So we’ll be sharing some ways in which you can keep your Facebook and Instagram account secured.

Here’s How To Protect Your Facebook And Instagram Account from Being Hacked.

To keep your Facebook and Instagram account secured, follow the instructions below:

1. Avoid Saving Passwords On Another Person’s Phone Or Public Devices

These days, it’s not easy to trust people. Do not save your password on devices you have no control over.

When you visit the cybercafe or use a friends phone or system, ensure to logout when you’re done. Because if your password is saved, anyone can login with your details.

Even if your friend is trustworthy, you have no idea the people they give their phones or the sites they visit with it.

We should also remember that when your password is saved on a particular browser such as chrome, you can click on “show password” at any time. And your password will be revealed to whoever is behind t he phone or system.

2. Enable Two-factor Authentication On Your Facebook And Instagram Accounts

Authentication takes place when someone tries to log into a computer resource (such as a network, device, or application).

The resource requires the user to supply the identity by which the user is known to the resource, along with evidence of the authenticity of the user’s claim to that identity.

I strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication. When Instagram and Facebook suspects any unauthorized activities on your account, you’ll be required to input your two-factor authentication pin.

To setup two-factor authentication on your account, simply login on your Facebook or Instagram app and go to “Settings”.  Click on “Password & Security Settings” and scroll down to “Two-factor authentication”. Click on it and activate the right one for you.

3. Update Your Phone Number And Email Address

This is very important, because you can use either your phone number or email address to recover your password.

If someone has access to your phone number or email, especially a phone number or email address you are no longer using, the person can also have access to your account. So ensure your phone number and email address is up to date.

4. Revoke Access To Suspicious Third Party App

It is common to use Instagram and Facebook as an authorized account to sign in to third-party apps like dating services, games, and photo editing tools etc.

For example apps and games that tries to predict your personality, what you will look like in the next 5 or 10 years, who you will marry, the number of children you will have and the kind of person you are.

Once you’ve signed in with your Facebook or Instagram, you’ve given the app or site access to your login details. Do not do this if you don’t trust a site.

You can sign up by creating a new account using your email address and a different password other than the password of your email to be on a safer side.

5. Instagram And Facebook Will Never Send You A DM

Some people will send you a direct message on your Instagram or Facebook account, claiming to be your account manager or tell you sweet things for you to give up your login details, do not fall into the hands of those scammers.

Facebook and Instagram will never send you a direct message. Be warned! Ensure to protect your login details  at all cost.

6. Watch Out For Anyone Sending You Links or Offers Of Unsolicited Jobs, Data Subscriptions, Free Government Money, Palliatives Etc.

Keep your greed in check. Don’t let it blind your eyes at the hearing of “free stuffs” and mouth watering discounts.

If the government is offering grants or palliatives to people, they won’t have an official send you a DM for that. There’s also no telecommunication network out there giving anyone 50GB, 100GB, Lifetime or Unlimited Data Subscriptions for Free!

Be very alert and suspicious of such ridiculous offers.

Even if there’s anything like that, you won’t be required to provide your Facebook phone number, password or authentication code before accessing it. Including when it’s coming from a “friend”.

Don’t let these cyber criminals run their schemes on you.

7. Protect Yourself From Spyware And Malware

The hacking problems are not only web-based. A person can hack your browser through malicious software you may have unknowingly installed on your computer or mobile phone.

Some of these software could also show pop-up ads onto your screen or browser. This usually happens when your data connection is on, try as much as possible to avoid this.

You can avoid them by using malware, adware and spyware removers.

In Conclusion

Facebook and Instagram has provided a hack-free community for users. But it’s up to you to safeguard your personal login details.

If you notice your account has been hacked and you can’t retrieve it, ensure you call some of your friends to report the account to Facebook. When this is done, the account will be blocked immediately.

I hope you find this information useful. If yes, please feel free to share this article with your friends on social media to keep them safe

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