How Many Years To Study Law In Nigeria? How To Become A Lawyer In Nigeria


Want to become a lawyer in Nigeria? This page is for you. This guide features how many years to study law in Nigeria and everything you need to know about how to become a lawyer in Nigeria.

Becoming a legal practitioner or a lawyer as we often call it, is one of the dreams of so many young people out there.

Aside from being a doctor, 50 percent of the young people in the Junior secondary school classes desires to become a barrister, magistrate or judge. They all want to be in the law field helping put criminals behind bars and freeing the innocent.

However, becoming a highly sought after lawyer requires a whole lot of work. It goes beyond just a dream. You will have to be willing to spend years in school studying the law.

How Do You Become A Lawyer In Nigeria

Becoming a lawyer in Nigeria starts with choosing the right subjects in your Senior Secondary School and sitting for their exams in your WAEC and NECO.

There are actually 5 subjects you must pass in your WAEC/NECO to begin your journey into studying law in the university.

Those subjects are: English, Mathematics,  Literature, Government and any other Art subject.

If you pass these subjects with at least Credits 6 (C6), then you can proceed to write your Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exam. If you do very well in that, you then sit for your Post UTME in the university of your choice.

If you pass all these, you will be given admission in any of the schools you chose during your Jamb registration to study law.

After your study in the university, you will have to go to Law School, serve your fatherland for one year through NYSC before being called to bar.

Once you’ve been called to bar, congratulations! You’re now a full fledged lawyer in Nigeria.

How Many Years To Study Law In Nigeria?

6 years. That’s the total number of years it takes to study law in Nigeria. This 6 years comprises of 5 years at the University and one at the Law School.

After your study at the University, you’ll be awarded a bachelor’s degree in Law. With this, you can proceed to the law school where you will be awarded a certificate after passing your bar exams.

Following that certificate, you’ll be called to bar by the Nigerian Council of Legal Education.

How Many Years Does It Take To Become A Lawyer In Nigeria?

It takes between 6 to 10 years to achieve a lawyer status in Nigeria.

This is because there are certain conditions and exemptions that require a person to spend more than 5 years in the law field before he or she can be called to bar as a lawyer.

However, if you go through the law school after studying law for 5 years in the university, then you’ll only have to spend a total of 6-7 years before becoming a barrister in Nigeria.

This can also take longer if you give intervals before going to Law School after getting your bachelor’s degree. But if you want to count it from the time you start studying Law in the university to when you get called to bar as an official Barrister/Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, then 6 years is just the perfect number it will take.

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Final Words

We have in this guide discussed how to become a lawyer in Nigeria and how many years to study law in Nigeria.

Have you been searching online for information on how to become a barrister/solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria?

I hope you find this legal career guide useful.

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