How To Borrow Airtime on Airtel In 4 Steps



What’s the worst thing that could happen to a good conversation? What’s the one thing that could ruin a good talk? That would totally be talking to someone and then having your airtime exhausted midway! That would totally be an issue and no one wants that to happen to them. Worse still, what do you do when it’s late and there’s nowhere to get airtime from? Tragedy!!

 Luckily for Airtel users, Airtel has devised an easy means to borrow airtime. It means without stress. It’s as easy as dialing a code and then following the instructions and then you can borrow airtime. So today will be showing you how to borrow airtime on Airtel Network. It’s quite easy.

Its important to know first and foremost that the people who are allowed to borrow airtime on Airtel are those that have been Airtel subscribers for up to two months. That is to say that you cannot borrow airtime from Airtel immediately you get your sim card, you need to have been an active subscriber for up to two months. 

 Now, I’ll be giving you the step by step method on how to borrow airtime on Airtel Network.

Step 1

Dial *500# on your dial pad and press the send key. This would bring out a display of several options to you. You’d see find options like this

Borrow Talk Time/voice Bundle.

Eligibility and Help

Borrow Credit

Borrow Data

Repay Loan

Reply with your choice

Step 2

When you see these (the options above), you should reply with 2, the option for borrow Credit. This reply would lead you to another path that would appear like this:

You can borrow up to 1500.110001(15% service fee applies)


2 for N1000

3 for N500

4 for N300

5 for N200

6 for N100

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Step 3 

After the options above have been displayed, you should then reply with the amount you would like to borrow. Let’s assume that you click on option 5 for borrowing N200, that would give you a reply that looks like this:

You have been credited with N200

9. Go back. 

Step 4

At this point you can press cancel or the end key. You would get a message from Airtel stating that you have been credited with the amount you chose and that a service fee of 15% has been deducted from it. This means that, if you borrow N200 from Airtel, you would get N170. In a few seconds later the airtime would appear on your balance. 

Please note that when you want to borrow airtime from Airtel, Airtel looks at how frequent you recharge and how much you spend on an average. 

This would help the telecom company determine how much you can borrow at that time. Also, you would be considered “borrowing rights” that is, being allowed to borrow airtime on Airtel when you have finished paying up your previous debts you owe.

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