Here Is How To Start Baby Products Business In Nigeria (Baby Wears, Toys, Sanitary etc)

Do you want to start baby products business in Nigeria? You want to sell baby clothes, toys or sanitary? Or you just want to know how lucrative the business is? Here is a complete guide to baby products business in Nigeria.
Do you know that almost every minute, a baby is welcomed into the world? And for each of these babies, there are specific needs that must be met from the moment they are born till they grow into maturity.
Needs like what they will put on (baby clothes, shoes, socks and even diapers), what will be used to take care of them (baby lotions, soaps, towels etc) and things to keep them happy and occupied like toys.
In most hospitals in Nigeria, a pregnant woman is given a list of baby items she is to come to the hospital with before or during her labour.
These items must be complete before the nurses or doctors on duty attends to the woman on labour.
This is to make sure that the coming baby has everything she needs on ground to avoid running helter skelter to get them later by the parents.
These are just some of the reasons baby products business is very lucrative in Nigeria and other African nation.
As you read on, you will find in this post relevant information on how to start, grow and expand this business in your own region or country.
Being a Nigerian, I had to use my country as the main focus of this post but the information here is not limited to Nigeria alone. It will work for any country at all. Whether Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt or Ethiopia.
Everyday, thousand of baby products are imported into Nigeria from China, America, Europe and some other nations. Of course Asian countries rank high in this list as baby products are relatively cheap to import from Asian countries like China than any other place.
(If you have interest in importing baby products at very cheap rates either as a mini importer or on large scale, do not worry. You will find all the information on baby products importation in this post as you read on)
Nigeria also rank high among countries that exports baby products to other West African nations.
That is another branch or part of baby products business that has also been known to be very lucrative. I mean the exportation to other countries.
However, whether your interest is in exporting or importing baby items, or just you just want to buy from those who import and sell, let me show you how to do that effectively and rake in profits on a daily basis.

How To Make Money Buying And Selling Baby Products

Regardless of the type of baby products you hope to deal on, baby clothes, shoes, toy or sanitary, these guidelines below will work for you.

1. Develop A Good Business Plan

A business without a plan is heading for failure. A good business plan helps you to put in place things like how to get funding for your business, the business location, capital at hand, the business goals, milestones and other relevant things.
Having a good business plan for your baby products business will help set you on course for success.

2. Study the Market

It is very important you understand that baby products business is not just a business you can wake up in the morning and start immediately.
You need to be physically present in the market to study what type of products sells faster, baby wears, sanitary (diapers, wipes, towels etc) or even toys. And what types generates more profits easily.
There are places in Nigeria where you can buy those items very cheap, you need to learn about those places from people that are already in the business.
For those who have interest in importing these products, find out which country has more quality baby products, not just the cheapest ones alone. The cost of importation in your country etc.
Give yourself time and study the market carefully before investing a dime in it.

3. Get A Good Location For Your Business

A very lucrative business in a poor location will end up yielding poor results. Be very strategic about your business location.
Position your shop to be in a place that is easily accessible and with a good number of people living around it. (including hospitals)
Do not fix it in a place where it is hidden and very difficult to locate.

4. Get All The Necessary Permits

I remember one day I was working in a cafe and a man came running into place, pleading with the owners of the place to allow him hide there.
Of course he was running away from law enforcement agents in my country who came to get him for not making a certain payment which he was supposed to do for his business nearby.
You don’t want to operate a business that you will constantly have to hide or be in the net of Law Enforcement Agents in your country.
When starting your baby products business, ensure you get all the necessary permits to avoid unnecessary embarrassments, fines and court actions.
Whether at the Federal, State or Local Government level, ensure your business is well approved to operate in the area you have chosen to start.

5. Keep A Good Record Of Sales

One of the shocking mistakes most entrepreneurs often find themselves making at the beginning of their businesses is the mistake of keeping very poor records of day to day sales.
This is one major cause of business failure. No matter how powerful your mind is, you cannot trust it with the responsibility of keeping business records.
Always put everything down in writing or have someone else do that for you.

6. Plan For The Festive Seasons

With the festive seasons always around, the chances of making so much money from baby products business in Nigeria is very high.
Do you know that during festive periods like Christmas, New Year, Easter and Islamic celebration periods we have in Nigeria, almost every parent spends at least N10,000 in buying either clothes, shoes or even toys for their ward?
These seasons are seasons you must prepare for and work really hard to make much sales if you are serious about making it big from baby products business.

7. Join Co-operative Societies Or Union

One of the benefits of joining business unions or co-operative societies is that it affords you the opportunity to meet other people in the business that are already doing well.
From these people you can learn one or two things that will help you succeed as well.
Apart from just learning from other people, these business unions give you access to several bank loans and government grants.
In the case of trouble or any form of emergency, they are always there to guide, assist and help you get back on your feet.

Final Words On How To Start Baby Wears Business In Nigeria

Baby products business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria and any country in this world. With the rate babies come into the world, this is a baby that will keep thriving for ages.
You can even start this at the small scale level with as little as N5000 to N10,000 buying only products like baby socks, baby caps, towels and few clothes.
At this level, you don’t even need a shop. You can carry them around from one hospital to the other, or from one compound to another.
You can as well start it on the large scale level with millions of naira. It all depends on your capital.
I hope you find this guide helpful. If you do, feel free to SHARE it on social networks using their icons below.
If you have any question or comment regarding this post, feel free to leave them at the comment section below. I will respond to it as soon as I can or other readers will.

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