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How To Create a Business Web Directory On WordPress And Make Money Online


Do you want to make money online today? Consider creating a business web directory on WordPress.
If you are new to online business and do not know how this works, dont worry, I will guide you every step of the way in this post.
Before showing you how to build or create a web directory yourself on WordPress platform, let me briefly explain what the term is all about.

What Is a Web Directory?

A web directory is a website that allows users to view a catalog of links divided into different categories, topics and interest areas.
On a business web directory, you will find a list of several businesses alongside their websites and physical addresses, grouped into different categories and topics based on the products or services they offer.
The reason they are listed and divided into different categories, topics and interest areas, is to enable users to easily learn of their existence and patronize them.
Examples of online business directories in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world includes: Vconnect Nigeria, NG Contacts, SME Arena, Nigeria Business Listing, Bing Places, Aviva Directory etc.

Why People Will Pay You Huge To List Their Business On Your Web Directory

If you are wondering what benefits does a web directory hold that will make people pay heavily to get their business listed on it, here are just a few of them:
1. Submitting a business on a web directory will give it maximum exposure both locally and internationally.
2. Online directories help boost the rankings of websites listed on them on Search Engines Result Pages, SERP.
3. It help users see a website as authentic especially if it is listed on trusted business directories.
4. It leads to massive increase in sales.
5. It helps increase a business social media engagements since many web directories share their listings on their social media pages with massive followers.

How To Receive Payments For Your Services On Your Business Web Directory

After you have setup your business web directory, you will need to setup payment options through which you can receive money for your services.
If you are searching for the best methods of receiving payments for a web directory, I have made a perfect compilation of them below.
#1. Paypal
Paypal is one of the most trusted and highly secured payment gateways in the world.
Freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork and others use it as a means of receiving and making payments. In fact, there is hardly an ecommerce website in the world where Paypal is not accepted.
However, the use of Paypal is limited in some countries due to reasons best known to the company. If you are reading this post from Nigeria, I recommend you read How To Receive Money Online With Paypal In Nigeria. It is the most detailed guide you will ever find on the internet presently when it comes to receiving money through Paypal in Nigeria.
#2. Payoneer
Like Paypal, Payoneer is highly secured for carrying out financial transactions on the internet.
You can use Payoneer to receive payments for your services after setting up your web directory. To learn more about how that works, please read How To Receive Money Online Through Payoneer.
#3. Voguepay
Voguepay is trusted by so many marketers online all over the world. Though not as popular as Paypal or Payoneer, you can use it to receive payments on your WordPress web directory.
I like how you can easily link your local bank account with Voguepay without the use of credit or debit cards. To learn more about how to use Voguepay to receive payments for your products and services online, read How To Receive Money Online With Voguepay Easily.

How To Create A Business Web On WordPress Even If You Know Nothing About Coding

Finally, here’s how to easily create an online business directory on WordPress all by yourself.
  • Choose And Register a Domain Name
A domain name is the address your website will bear on the internet. It is what people type in their browsers to visit your web business directory.
When choosing a domain name, ensure you choose a very catchy name and keep it as short as possible, so it could be easy for people to remember it.
For example, is not an easy domain name. The length alone will make difficult for people to remember. Target something shorter but still very catchy.
If you have decided on this, you can read Cheapest Domain Name Registration And Hosting Companies In United States or Cheapest Domain Registration And Hosting Companies In Nigeria to learn where to register it at a very cheap rate.
  • Host The Domain With A Good Web Hosting Company
Web hosting companies provide users with the space to build their website on the internet.
Choosing a good hosting company is very important as your website’s overall performance will be affected by this.
On Inspire Wealth Blog, we use DOMAINKING as our web host. Their services are cheaper and better than that of so many hosting companies out there. You can learn more about Domainking here.
  • Install WordPress And Customize Your Site
WordPress is a content management system that allows users build and manage their own websites or blog even without a knowledge of how coding works.
After hosting your domain, you will have to install WordPress on it to enable you build and give your site a unique look.
  • Install Business Directory Plugin On It
Install and activate the Business Directory Plugin. While the free version will allow you setup your web directory, you will need the PRO version to be able to accept payments with it.
The plugin comes with Google Wallet, Paypal and other payment gateways for easy transactions.
Through this plugin, you can also create categories and lots more on your site.
  • Set The Prices For Your Services
The last thing to do here is to set the prices you will be willing to accept for your services on your web directory.
You can have basic, standard, premium and gold price packages. It all depends on you.

In Summary

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