How To Upgrade Nigerian Hosted Adsense Account (For Youtube And Blogspot) Into Non-Hosted Adsense Account In 7 Steps

Do you know Google has now made it easier to convert your Hosted adsense account (meant for blogspot and youtube) into a Non-Hosted adsense account?
I will show you in this post 7 latest steps to upgrade Hosted Adsense account into Non-Hosted Adsense account.
Unlike a Hosted account, a non-hosted account allows you to put Adsense ads on websites and apps outside of Google’s control – provided the websites do not violate any of the Adsense policies.
A Hosted Adsense account allows you to only put ads on Youtube and Blogspot blogs, where you have limited control. Getting this type of account is easy, fast, and will not cost you anything at all.
This is the type of account most Youtubers and Blogspot bloggers use in monetizing their contents.
If you must use it on your own customized website or blog (WordPress, Joomla etc) then you have to upgrade it to non-hosted account. The good thing is, Google has made this so easy to do today.
Below, I have outlined 7 easy steps to upgrade from the hosted to non-hosted account for Adsense.
7 Easy Steps To Upgrade Hosted Adsense Account (Blogspot And Youtube) Into Non-Hosted Adsense Account
1. Log in into your Hosted Adsense account that you already own
2. Go to “Ads” and click on it
3. Select “Other Products” from the drop down
4. Click on “Upgrade Now”
5. Now put your new domain name (
6. Copy the Ad code and place it on your website
7. Wait for a confirmation email in your inbox.
Once your website is approved (mostly within 7 days), you will start seeing some ads on it.
What To Put In Place Before Applying For An Upgrade To Non-Hosted Account
Before you apply for your hosted account to be upgraded to non-hosted account, it is important to have the following things put in place:
  • Important Pages

Ensure your website has important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, properly put in place before applying.
  • Relevant Posts

Adsense approval is easier to get when you must have had some relevant posts (say 20 to 50 posts that adds value) of about 1000 words each on your website or blog.
  • Traffic

Although it is not directly spelt out in Adsense requirements, it is still advisable that your site must have started receiving little amounts of traffic before you apply.
  • Good Website Design

It is easier to get Adsense approval on a website with a good design than one that is poorly designed.
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