How To Get Adsense Pin In Nigeria (Latest Working Methods)


Want to learn how to get Adsense Pin in Nigeria? You’ve come to the right page.

In this guide, I will show you the best way to get your Adsense Pin fast in Nigeria.

The good thing about the idea I’m going to share with you is that it works perfectly. Regardless of which part of the country you are.

So if you are really interested, let’s jump right into it.

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Before Google Sends Your Adsense PIN

Before Google will send you a PIN to verify the address on your Adsense account, it is expected that your account must have reached a minimum of $10. You must have also verified your identity using your International Passport, National Identity Card or Voters Card.

Once this has been done, Google will check if your account is in good standing. If no policy have been violated, you will get your Adsense Pin shipped to you in a sealed white branded envelope.

The reason for the pin is for you to verify the address you entered on your Adsense account. By so doing, you’d be proving to Google that you can truly be contacted via that address.

For those living within the United States, Google can actually send you a cheque using that address if you choose the payment option.

For Nigerians and other locations outside of US, you will have to go for the bank transfer option. This enables Google to send your payment into your local bank account directly. Preferably a dollar domiciliary account. If you haven’t opened one already, now is the perfect time to do so.

You can check out how to open a domiciliary bank account in Nigeria with First Bank, UBA, GTBank, Zenith Bank or Access Bank.

If you have done that already, please continue with the article below.

How Do I Get My Adsense PIN In Nigeria?

There are 3 ways you can get your Google Adsense Pin in Nigeria.

The first is to input your house address and the Zip code (also known as Postal code) of your area in your Adsense profile.

The moment Google sends your Adsense Pin, you can visit the closest Post Office in your area and pick it up. The Nigerian Postal Service will normally deliver it to the closest office based on the area code or zip code written on the Adsense Pin envelope.

Though this method is easy, it is neither the best nor the fastest. As a matter of fact, it can take up to 8 weeks for you to receive your Adsense Pin this way.

The second and the best way to get your Adsense Pin in Nigeria is to walk into any NIPOST office close to you and create a Personal Post Office Box or Private Mail Bag using the address you want to enter on Adsense account.

Once NIPOST gives you your P.O. Box number, you can use this to fill in your address details on your Adsense account.

As soon as Google sends your Adsense Pin, you will get it delivered directly to your Box at the Post Office. You can then pick it up from there and verify your address with it immediately. This is the fastest and simplest way to get your Adsense Pin in Nigeria.

The third and final method is to use the P.O Box of your friend, colleague, company, school or church with their permission (very important!)

This method works almost exactly like the second. The only difference is that the owner of the PO Box will have to pick up the parcel and deliver it to you either for a token or free.

This is the method most Nigerian bloggers are currently using. I advise you use it only when you know the owner of the P.O. Box quite well.

What If I Didn’t Receive My Adsense PIN In Nigeria?

If you didn’t get your get your Adsense Pin after confirming from your post office, wait for about a month and two weeks and reapply for it.

If you still didn’t get after waiting for the same period, repeat the process.

After the third attempt, Adsense will give you an option to verify your address using any government issued ID card, utility bill or bank statement bearing the address on your Adsense profile. I recommend you use your Nigerian voters card, that’s what worked for me.

Simply upload the document and wait for about 5 minutes, your address will be successfully verified.

Before using this option, you need to be sure the address on your Adsense account is the same with the one on your ID card.

If it’s not, simply edit the one on your Adsense profile to match what you have on your ID card before uploading it.

This method is tested and trusted. It works 100 percent, all the time.

In Summary

This post reveals how to get your Adsense Pin in Nigeria in 3 ways. Actually, the methods explained here are the easiest and fastest way to receive your pin in any part of the country.

Are you still facing any challenge, getting your Google Adsense Pin in Nigeria?

Kindly leave a comment below and I’ll offer you some advise on what to do.

I hope you find this useful. Please feel free to share it online now with your friends on social media by clicking on any of the share buttons below.

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