Code To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance On Phone


Code To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance

Have you been seeking for information on the code to check Zenith Bank account balance? 

In this post you will get a full guide on how to check your Zenith Bank account balance on your phone using USSD code and so many other ways without stress.

With your mobile phone at hand you can check your Zenith bank account balance, make mobile transfer, and seek for assistance and so many other things you can do with your account without going into the bank.  That includes knowing how much u have in your account.

In this post I will show you USSD code you can use to check your Zenith Bank account balance anywhere you go and anytime you wish to check your balance.

With *966#EAZY BANKING you can have your Zenith Bank account balance in your palm.

What does *966#EAZY BANKING mean?

*966# EazyBanking is an appropriate, speedy, secure, and cheap of accessing your bank account any moment any day through your mobile phone without the use of internet data.

Can anybody use the *966# EAZY BANKING service?

The *966# EAZY BANKING service is made available to all Zenith bank customers with any phone that runs on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) platform.

What is required to enjoy this service?

Apart from your hand set (mobile phone), you need little airtime to enjoy the service and not Internet connection.

How much will it cost to use *966# EAZYBANKING service?

This service is free for all zenith bank customers. However, network providers’ charges may apply.

Information to note: zenith bank has 15 retail accounts. All are eligible for the *966# EAZY BANKING service except, Domiciliary, ZECA and premium. (Platinum and gold) accounts.

What does alertz mean?

When Zenith Bank sends you notifications for any transaction you make through phone number you register with the bank when you were opening your account is called AlertZ.

Below are steps on how to register for ussd code (eazybanking)

How To Register And Activate Zenith Bank USSD Code: USSD Code Used For Checking Zenith Bank Account Balance

1. Simply dial *966*00# with your AlertZ number I.e. the number register with Zenith bank

2. You will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your active Debit (ATM) card number.

3. The next command will swiftly display the name of your account and you will be prompted (asked) to create a 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)

4. You will be prompted to Confirm the 4 digit PIN

5. If the above steps are successful, you will be sent an SMS (Short Message Service) “Showing your account balance”.

Now relax let me show you other method of checking your account Balance in Zenith Bank. 

Another Means Of Checking Zenith Bank Account Balance Is By Airtime Recharge Method

Simply key in *966*Amount*phone Number# on your phone using your number registered with zenith bank. (For example. *966*200*07012345678#) to buy airtime. Thereafter, you will be sent a message showing your account balance.

In Summary

Zenith Bank *966# EAZYBANKING service is a reliable way of accessing your account balance and it’s equally used for other bank transactions. No hidden charges very free and fast. 

You can use the code to do as many transactions you to do in Zenith Bank without going into the bank.

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