How To Make Nigerian Groundnut Soup (Peanut Soup Recipe)

Groundnut soup is one of the local Nigerian soups often prepared. It is as the name implies, a soup whose necessary ingredient is Groundnut. This soup is delicious and has a wonderful combination of flavors. Some Africans refer to it as peanut soup. It is local and delicious.

How to make Groundnut soup? Well like other food recipes, Groundnut soup doesn’t have a must-be-this-way method. Various people like it in various ways. Some like the frying method while others do not. Different strokes for different folks.
How to make the Groundnut soup is not rocket science. It’s actually a beautiful process. You might want to put some music on for this one. Haha!

The Ingredients For Preparing The Soup

So the basic ingredients you need of course are:

  1. Groundnut
  2. Palm oil
  3. Onions
  4. Grounded crayfish
  5. Stock fish
  6. Pepper and tomatoes
  7. Salt 
  8. Maggi cubes
  9. Beef

Now that you have your ingredients. Let’s get cooking.

The Procedure For Cooking The Groundnut Soup
The first thing to do of course would be to wash, season and cook your beef. You wouldn’t want to serve meat that’s not properly cooked now, would you? So cook your beef and let it cool properly.
Next thing would be to roast the groundnuts. You’d have to put it in a pot and stir it. Keep stringing it until it turns golden brown. Mind you, oil is not to be added to this please. It’s roasting and not frying.

When the Groundnut is done roasting, you’d have to grind it. You didn’t think you’d be using it without grinding it right? Good. So grind it properly, as smooth as you would like it. After this, the Groundnut is ready for use.
Check the state of the beef, it should be proper cooked by now. If it is, the cooking can now begin properly. Don’t forget that by now you should have diced your onions. Wouldn’t want to put the whole thing in there.
Now that the basic things are done, put a fresh pot on the fire and then add palm oil to the pot(enough). When the oil bleaches to a good extent, add the onions and the stir. When you’ve stirred for a bit, add the tomatoes and pepper(already grinded) and stir. Let it cool to remove that raw tomatoes taste. After that is done, you can now add your crayfish.
Now that you’ve added your crayfish you’re almost done. You can now add the Groundnut paste. That is the Groundnut you grinded. Add it to the sauce and stir. Let it cool for a few minutes. After this, you can add the stock fish, beef and the beef stock. Add the maggi cubes and salt.

When you have done all this, your groundnut soup should be ready in 5 minutes after which you can put off the gas. Your meal is ready to be served!

How to prepare Groundnut soup? You can see how easy it is. Follow these steps and enjoy your meal with a wrap of fufu or eba, whichever you like. Enjoy!

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