How To Prepare Nigerian Ogbono Soup

Ogbono soup or draw soup as it is popularly known by Nigerians is one of the best soups you can find in the country. The soup is made using some seeds gotten from the Ogbono tree. It is mostly enjoyed by Nigerians, Africans and fans of the Soup.
Have you been wondering on how to prepare Ogbono soup, what ingredients to make it delicious?
Confused on what to add first? Wonder No More! This article entails the following; necessary ingredients, best methods to prepare it and how best to enjoy it. Read on.
Things To Buy (Ingredient)
First, make a budget of N3,500, food for two.

Go to the nearest market, buy Ogbono – N300.

Buy crayfish – N1OO.

Okpeyi ( its usually black, moulded, smells awful but gives the soup a perfect taste and also good for the body).

Buy meat (chicken, turkey or pork or red meat beef) preferably, the Intestines i.e kidney, liver or heart. Trust me, it tastes great.

Next thing to buy is stock fish and dry fish i.e Okporoko N400 and Mangala fish N300. They are nice combination. 

Then buy your favourite maggi either royco, knorr or star. Knorr is preferable because of the aroma it gives to the soup.

Don’t forget your red oil. It gives the soup a tasty look.

Buy fresh vegetables to give your soup a fresh taste and keep you healthy.

Lastly, salt.

Preparation Of The Ingredients
1. Pound, grind or blend your ogbono and okpeyi together. Then add pepper and crayfish to it also.
2. Cut your vegetables.
3. Wash your stock fish and dry fish. Add a pinch of salt while washing them. You can wash them with hot water to kill and bring out the fish maggots.
4. Wash your meat. You can add salt but don’t use hot water.
5. Wash your pot and cooking spoon.
Steps To Cook The Soup
Having gotten your ingredients ready, lit your gas or electric stove.
Basically, there are different methods of cooking ogbono soup.
One of them is frying – put your pot on fire to dry, pour your red oil, allow to heat for some seconds. Then put the pot down and pour your ogbono inside the oil. However, in this article you will find a second method.

Put your meat and fish excluding dry fish.
Add a cube of maggi and salt. Cook for some minutes until soft.
Pour your red oil. Allow it to boil.
Pour your ogbono and cover for some minutes. Stir properly.
Put your washed mangala or dry fish. You may be wondering why it was not cooked with the others? It’s for it not to be lost in the soup. Allow to cook for a while.
Remember you steamed your meat with maggi and salt, taste to know if you are to add a cube of maggi or some salt again.
Pour your blended crayfish and pepper, stir well. Hmmmm. Are you perceiving the aroma?
Lastly, pour your vegetables, stir and allow to boil. Your ogbono soup is ready to be served with pounded yam, fufu, or garri. You can wash it down with a chilled coca-cola soft drink.
In Summary
We discussed in this guide how to prepare Nigerian ogbono soup, also known as draw soup. Have you been searching for how to cook the soup. I hope you find this article useful.

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