How to Start Snail Farming in Nigeria


Are you searching online for how to start snail farming in Nigeria? This is for you!

With the consistent rise of the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, it is only natural that more and more people are looking for lucrative agro-based businesses to get into in order to ensure they are not left behind in making money from Agriculture. 

Snail farming remains one of the most lucrative low capital Agricultural business an individual can venture into. 

From the really small snail farm you can have in your backyard even with natural products, and snails found around, to the larger scale Snail Farming, owning a snail farm is a worthy venture. If you have been asking how to start a Snail Farm in Nigeria, then this is for you.

How to Start a Snail Farm in Nigeria


Like any other business anywhere in the world, the first thing to do in starting a Snail farm is to carry out a SWOT analysis. 

This is a business analysis process that ensures that objective for starting up the Snail Farm are clearly defined and that all factors related to the running and execution of the farm are properly identified. 

The SWOT analysis process involves four areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In identifying all this, you are ensuring that you are fully ready to run the farm and be profitable while at it.


There are a few mandatory expenses you must put into consideration when starting up a Snail Farm. They include; a piece of land for setting up the farm, housing for the Snails which must be in place first, buying the Snails, feeding and handling of the Snails, processing the Snails, marketing and transportation.

A good Snail Farm can be started with about a hundred thousand naira (100,000 naira).

Housing the Snails

A Snail Farm is known as a Snailery. You must ensure that the housing system you choose for your Snails is one that allows for a lot of space. You really don’t want your Snails crowded together as this can affect the rate at which they grow and makes it easy for an outbreak of diseases among them.

Snails are notorious for getting out of wherever they are kept and so must be placed in an escape proof environment. You can use a spacious pen house or you could even improvise with water drums or tanks layered with soil and covered with a wire mesh and mosquito net to prevent escape. An environment with trees is more suitable for Snails.

Feeding and Rearing the Snails

You should do your research and find out the best species of Snails for the climate around here in Africa. Achatina achatina have been notable to grow remarkably around here. In starting your Snailery, you should choose fresh and mature Snails that are capable of laying eggs and multiplying your farm.

Snails are proper vegetarians and can be fed with a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as Okra, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, mangoes and paw-paw.

Harvesting the Snails

It is advisable to wait for your Snails to fully mature before harvesting them. You should never sell all your mature Snails though, so that breeding, can continue.

In Conclusion

Snail farming remains one of the most profitable agribusinesses you can start in Nigeria. The good news is that you don’t even need much money to start it. With as little N50000 to N100,000 you can start and grow the business.

Have you been looking for how to start up a snail farm in Nigeria, I hope this meets you at the right time.. 

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