How To Recharge And Get Paid In Nigeria (A Complete Guide On How rechargeandgetpaid VTU Business Works)

Hi. Have you heard about Recharge and Get Paid, the Telecom business that pays you a percentage of every amount of airtime or data you buy for yourself and others? Including DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES subscriptions and other bill payments like Electricity bills. Let me show you everything you need to know about this VTU business in Nigeria in this post.
Recharge and Get Paid Ltd (RAGP), is a legally registered telecommunication business with Corporate Affairs Communication (CAC) Nigeria. 
The company has its official headquarters at Suit C16 & C17, Danziyal Plaza Central Business District, Abuja (Opposite NNPC MEGA Filling Station)
In partnership with major telecommunication networks in Nigeria like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE and Pay To Watch Television companies like DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES, this company makes it easy to buy airtime, data and TV subscriptions on the go.
With millions of Nigerians recharging their lines and buying data for internet access daily, this Telecom company also presents you the opportunity to earn a steady passive income online daily, weekly or monthly – as a VTU agent.
Let me explain to you how recharge and get paid works and how to make money just by recharging your phone and those of your friends. Read on!
How To Make Money Through Recharge And Get Paid
To make money through Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP), you will have to go through the following steps:
  • Register for an account on the company’s website. (ensure you have read this post to the end before doing that to avoid making any mistake)
  • Activate your account by making some deposit into any of the company’s official bank accounts or through your upliner (the person who referred you to the company. In this case me, since you are learning about this from me). The amount you will have to pay depends on the registration package you you selected while filling your form. (the registration packages are explained in another subheading below
  • After activating your account, you will have to Login to your account to and you will see a dashboard as shown in the image below. From this dashboard you can apply for cash withdrawal to your bank account, recharge your phone and that of others, buy data, pay for TV subscriptions and do much more.
  • Start recharging your phone from your dashboard account and get 10 to 2 percent of every airtime you buy paid to you. You can also recharge for others, buy data and TV subscriptions, pay electricity bills and get paid as well.
  • Refer other people to signup on using your username as their Referral ID and earn 20% of whichever registration package they paid for instantly credited to your account. (I explained this better in another subheading below)

Recharge And Get Paid Registration Packages And Benefits
Below are the registration packages the company currently offers alongside their benefits.
1. Basic Package – N5,000 (You earn instant N1,000 at Activation which you can use for airtime or withdraw to your account)
2. Bronze Package – N10,000 (You get N2,000 instantly credited to your account after Activation)
3. Silver Package – N20,000 (After activation N4,000 will be credited to you)
4. Gold Package – N30,000 (You earn N6,000 instantly after Activation)
5. Diamond Package – N40,000 (N8,000 will be instantly credited to you)
6. Platinum Package – N50,000 (N10,000 will be instantly credited to you after activation)
Note: For every recharge in each of those packages, you will be paid 2 to 10% of the amount of airtime you recharged online as commission. The same thing is applicable for every data subscription, TV Cable subscription and bill payments.
If that is not mindblowing enough, take a look at their referral program below and see how it works.
How Recharge And Get Paid Referral Program Works
  • For every person you referred to join rechargeandgetpaid” telecommunication network, you’ll get 10% of the amount they paid for their account activation.
  • As those persons you referred buy airtime or data, you will be paid 10 to 1% of the amount of airtime or data they purchased
  • If they refer other people, you will also get paid.
  • As those persons they referred recharge their lines, you will also get paid.
  • As the referred persons refer others and those ones recharge their phones and buy data, you get paid.
  • It keeps going on and on like that. That is why it is possible to earn as much as N50,000 to N4 million a month from the rechargeandgetpaid.
How To Register, Activate Your Account And Login On Recharge And Get Paid
1. To register now, visit from your device and enter unstoppable51” in the space for Referral Id. Fill your information properly and click on Register.
2. After that you can proceed to any of the banks listed below and make your Activation Payment.
Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Recharge & Get Paid Ltd
Account Number: 0068623787
Bank: GTB Bank
Account Name: Recharge & Get Paid Ltd
Account Number: 0199798323
Bank: Zenith Bank
Account Name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd
Account Number: 1014812771
3. After making the payment, log into your rechargeandgetpaid Account and you will see the Activation page shown.
4. On that Activation Payment method, select “Bank Wire” and a new page will open asking you to enter your Teller Number and Name Of Depositor. Enter the number on the Teller the Bank gave you and the name you used in making the payment then you click “Submit”.
5. Within 24hrs, you account will be fully activated. From that point, whenever you Log in, your Dashboard is what you will see. Not the Activation page anymore.
If the above steps seem a little confusing for you, here is another thing you can do:
After making your Activation Payment, Whatsapp/Call their official customer care lines: +2348116898208, +2348037221858, +2348182098378
Or send an email to: [email protected]
You will be required to give the following information concerning your payment and account:
  • Method of Payment: Bank Deposit, USSD or Online Transfer
  • The Bank you paid to
  • The Date you paid
  • How much you paid
  • Depositor’s name (Name on Teller)
  • Purpose of payment: Activation or Wallet Funding
  • Username
After that, your account will be fully activated within 24hrs. Mine took only 30 minutes. Lol
If you ever face any difficulty activating your account, please do not hesitate to let me know via the comment section on this post so I can help you with it.
In Summary
Recharge and Get Paid is truly a legitimate way to recharge your phone online and make money from it, without really doing much.
As a student or a very low income earner, you can start with the Basic package and upgrade it later as your earnings increase.
However, if you are a real businessperson (a data or airtime seller/heavy airtime user) and serious about earning huge from this as soon as possible, I recommend you go for higher plans at the start. You will really earn more without doing much with the higher plans.
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If you have any question or comment about Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP), please leave it at the comment section below. I will respond to it as soon as I see it.

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