What does “always resist the urge to shalaye” mean? Check out the meaning of Shalaye in Nigeria


So many catch phrases have trended on the Nigerian cyberspace in recent times. One of it is the catch phrase “always resist the urge to shalaye.”

What does it mean to “resist the urge to shalaye?” What does “shalaye” mean it Yoruba language?

“Shalaye” is a word that means “explain” in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s native languages.

“To shalaye” mean “to explain” yourself or something.

However on the Nigerian cyberspace (Twitter, Facebook and mostly Nairaland) the catch phrase “always resist the urge to shalaye” mean more than just resisting the urge to explain something. It means to avoid explaining something unnecessarily, talking when you are not supposed and trying to show you know more than others.

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Since the catch phrase was made popular by a Twitter user in 2020, it has been used lots of times in different ways.

While some have used it to tell people to ignore the need to give the public an explanation of their words, actions and body languages, others have also used to “hush” internet trolls and busybodies (‘ITK’ and ‘over sabi’ people).

Using “Shalaye” Or “To Shaley” In Speaking Today

Since “Shaleye” is purely a Yoruba word, it would be improper to use it when you want to communicate in British or American english. Unless you plan on speaking “Engliyoruba” (a local combination of English and Yoruba language)

However, in the Nigerian Pidgin, you can use “shalaye” or “to shalaye” however you want. As long as your audience gets the message you are trying to pass across.

I know with all these explanations, someone somewhere will be feeling like telling me now to “always resist the urge to shalaye.”

But what do I care? I don talk my own finish. To shalaye always na work as a blogger. Abi how una see am? Lol

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