How To Register A Trademark In Nigeria (Business Name & Logo)


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What Is A Trademark?

The term trademark refers to a recognizable insignia, phrase, word, or symbol that denotes a specific product and legally differentiates it from all other products of its kind.

A trademark exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company’s ownership of the brand.

Who Can Register A Trademark?

Under the Law of Nigeria, only accredited individuals/companies can register a trademark.

So if you are interested in registering a trademark you’ll need to hire the service of accredited agents for this process.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Trademark In Nigeria?

The cost of registering trademark in Nigeria ordinarily includes the filing fees and the professional fee of the lawyer or agent handling such application.

The total cost, including the professional fee for registering a trademark, ranges between $450 to $600 (about N184,500 to N246,000)

Requirements To Register A Trademark

The following are the basic requirements for trademark registration in Nigeria:

Logo, which may include Words and/or Device.
Name of the applicant.
Contact details of the applicant.
Power of Attorney appointing an agent to conduct such registration (an accredited agent/lawyer may help to prepare the power of attorney)

The Full Procedure For Trademark Registration In Nigeria

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to register a trademark in Nigeria:

The trademark search is actually the first step for trademark registration in Nigeria.

Basically, there are actually 3 main steps involved in registering a trademark in Nigeria, which include:
1. Search
2. Filing
3. Publication.

Each of these steps is critical and important towards a successful registration of a trademark.

Step 1: Trademark Search

You conduct a search in order to determine whether your proposed trademark is similar to existing registered trademarks.

The outcome of your search will determine whether your trademark may be registered successfully or not.

Step 2: Trademark Filling

After conducting a search, the next process is the filing of a trademark, and if successful shall lead to the issuance of an Acceptance Letter.

The trademark is usually filed online via the online portal of the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry.

This filing can only be done by accredited trademark agents who are mainly trademark lawyers.

Furthermore, a person seeking to register a trademark in Nigeria may not necessarily have to visit the accredited agents in person, since the requirements for registration does not include any physical or real materials.

All registration can be done online.

Step 3: Trademark Publication

This is the final step of registering a trademark in Nigeria.

Interested party who might want to challenge the registration of the trademark on the ground that such a mark is actually or likely going to infringe on his or its own existing trademark.

The trademark registry in Nigeria publishes one to two volumes of the trademark journal annually, to notify the general public of trademark applications that have been lodged.

If no opposition is actually filled or an opposition was filled and successfully dealt with by the applicant, a trademark certificate shall be issued to the successful applicant.

Once your trademark is published and certificate issued, the registration process is complete.

The issued trademark certificate in Nigeria lasts for 7 years at first instance. The subsequent renewals are valid for 14 years.

The entire value chain of trademark registration in Nigeria can be completed online through any accredited trademark attorney.

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In Conclusion

Trademarking guarantees the startup security of your brand.

By trademarking a company name, you make its services and products distinctive in terms of your competitors, becoming your intellectual property.

In doing so, it prevents rivals from copying or stealing your brand.

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