Top 5 Nigerian Websites That Will Pay You To Write Articles (Make Money Writing Contents For Blogs)


Are you good in writing search engines optimized unique articles?

There are many websites and blogs that will pay for you to write for them. Believe me!

All you need is make out time and do your research, write and get paid!

Do you have what it takes to create such contents and get paid?

Irrespective of the content niche (dating, technology, sports, celebrity gists etc), there are websites owned by Nigerians that will pay you to deliver a good job for them.

I will show you the best paying sites for articles submission here as you read on.

One thing you should  do before  writing for these websites is to read their previous articles, noting the audience, pattern, style and guidelines  it follows.

Doing this will help you prevent wasting your time and writing articles that will be rejected without any sort of payment coming to you.

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Best Nigerian Sites To Write For And Get Paid

Without wasting much time, let’s quickly list the top 5 websites that pays you to write articles in Nigeria.

1. Infoguider

Currently, this is one of the best websites that pay people to write articles for them.

If you are very knowledgeable in how to create top quality SEO articles, you would be making a whole lot of money writing for us.

We are always on the lookout for expert writers on all topics that we consider useful. Regardless of the niche.

You can make a decent living writing for us. We pay our writers handsomely well.

For more information on how to begin, feel free to send us an email through the email on our contact page.

Please note that we expect our writers to be able to write a minimum of 1000 words articles for a start and you won’t get paid for the first article (sample) you submit. That’s for us to know how good you are in terms of writing blog posts.

2. InfoGuideNigeria

This website is owned and managed by Ifioko Ibanga, a native of Akwaibom state, Nigeria.

His website hires competent writers from any part of Nigeria

This website looks out for experts that writes on topics like article creation, website creation, how to drive traffic and lots more.

3. African Infoblog

It is owned and managed by Mr Agbo Sammario.

With a mission to create Nigeria’s best information blog, he looks out for contents that deals on making money online, social media, creating great contents etc.

4. MakeMoney.NG

This website seeks for well researched articles on small businesses, entrepreneurship and job opportunities.

They also accept personal stories with a good proof.

They can only accept nicely written contents. You can contact them on [email protected]

5. Nigerianinfopedia

They are interested in articles that concerns the average Nigerian, dating, academics, politics, history, partying, reason s behind actions etc.

They accept articles that are not less than 1000 words and they pay well for them.

In Conclusion

This article has revealed five best websites that pays for good, well researched articles right here in Nigeria.

Develop your writing skills today and be sure to earn some cool cash when you contact these websites.

Hope you found this useful? You can read other similar topics we have written on this blog.

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