How To Renew Driver’s License In Nigeria


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In order to be permitted to drive any vehicle in any given Country or State, an individual is expected to possess a Driver’s License. 

A Driver’s License is an official document, usually in the size of a regular Identity Card or ATM card, used to identify those individuals that have gone through due process and have been permitted to drive a particular kind of vehicle, for example, a car, a motorcycle, or a truck on the road in a given Country. 

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A Driver’s License is issued if you are to be allowed to drive on a public road , and also if you’rein the process of learning to drive a particular vehicle. 

The document is however not a permanent one and is expected to be renewed at intervals, usually three to five years. If you have been wondering how to renew your driver’s license in Nigeria, then this is for you.


There are different kinds of Licenses issued in Nigeria depending on the kind of vehicle to be driven.

A. Motor cycle

B. Motor vehicle of less than 3 tonnes gross weight other than motor cycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus

C. A motor vehicle of less than 3 tonnes gross weight, other than motor cycle

D. Motor vehicle other than motor cycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus excluding an articulated vehicle or vehicle drawing a trailer.

E. Motor vehicle other than a motor cycle or articulated vehicle

F. Agricultural machines and tractors

G. Articulated vehicles

H. Earth moving vehicles

​I. Special, for physically handicapped persons

How To Renew Your Driver’s License

It is important to note first that issues relating to road worthiness and the bestowing of the License in Nigeria are handled by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). 

Renewing your License connotes that you had prior to that time gotten an original License. It is advisable to apply for renewal as from 30 days before the current one expires. 

This entitles you to a letter of exemption from the FRSC that ensures you aren’t embarrassed by officials on the road for a lack of License during the processing period. 

You should also consider applying online instead of at the FRSC office, as this is way less tasking for you.

Steps To Follow To Renew Your Driver’s License Online In Nigeria

The application process online is quite straightforward. Below is how to do it.

  • Visit the official FRSC site.
  • Click on the Renew option.
  • Input your license number and Date of Birth.
  • Select Search  (If your license isn’t a month away from expiring, you cannot apply).
  • Choose either the 3 years or 5 years validity option. The 3 year’s validity costs N6,350, while that of 5years costs N10,450.
  • Update your bio-data.
  • Pick the FRSC office closest to you, as that’s where you’ll pick up your license eventually and submit your form also.
  • Choose if you want to redo the biometrics in the FRSC office or not.
  • Submit.
  • Make your payment online with your preferred payment option.
  • When payment is successful, the Driver’s License acknowledgement slip will be displayed.
  • Note your application ID somewhere and print some copies of the slip.
  • Go to the options on the page and click “track DL application status”.
  • Enter your application ID.
  • Print out the confirmation slip.
  • After this online process, go to your chosen FRSC office, with your printed slips and two passport photographs.

Final Words

Unlike before, it is now easy to renew your driver’s license from the comfort of your home, office or a cyber cafe. Though you may still need to visit an FRSC office for the biometrics.

Have you been searching online for how to renew your Driver’s License in Nigeria?

I hope you find this guide useful!

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