How To Start A Photo Printing Business In Nigeria (Digital Photo Lab Complete Guide)

Are you looking for how to start a photo printing business in Nigeria? Do you want to setup a modern digital photo lab business & make over N20,000 daily? Here is a complete guide to help you start this photography business in Nigeria.
Do you know Photo printing business is among the most lucrative and fastest money making ventures in Nigeria and other Nations of the world.
There is not a single country in the world where photography business has not made many young entrepreneurs millionaires. From creating different photo editing software like Photoshop to photo printing software for personal and business purposes, photography has taken so many people out of the poverty level.
In this post today, I am going to be showing you how to start a photo printing business in Nigeria or any other place and make real money from it.
Recently, it has been discovered that with the rise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram and so many others, the need for awesome looking images or photos has increased.
In Nigeria and even in places like India, USA, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya there is also a need for good looking digital photos for making Photo books, Album covers, Calendars, Invitation Cards, Product Adverts, Websites and other things that requires pictures.
These needs has led to millions of photos being printed on a daily basis in numerous photo laboratories all over the world.
Another thing that makes photo printing business in Nigeria very lucrative and capable of generating N20,000 naira or more on a daily basis is the fact that we have uncountable numbers of festive events (celebrations) going on around us always.
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These events always involve “photography times” where hundreds of photos or snapshots are taken by different photographers who will later visit a photo printing business centre to print them.
And the beautiful thing is, anybody can setup a modern digital photo lab in Nigeria or any African nation and make real money from even without much advertising.
Let me show you what and what it will take to start one today.
What You Need To Start A Photo Printing Business In Nigeria
1. A Photo Editing Software
You will need a photo editing software like Photoshop to edit the images to the taste of your clients. You can order for one online or buy it from computer accessories shops around.
2. A Photo Printing Software
Although every computer comes with the ability to print documents easily as long as a printer is attached to it, you will need a digital photo printing software for your business.
It helps create amazing images and makes sure the images to be printed retain their designs, colours and sizes when printed.
An example of a good photo printing software is Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver.4.7.0 by Canon, you can buy it online on their website or any online store that sells computer accessories.
3. Computer Set
You will need at least 2 sets of computer for a standard photo printing business. This is where the photo editing and printing software will be installed.
You will also need to get some USB Cords, Memory Card Readers and other accessories.
4. A Photo Printing Machine
A good photo printing machine costs between N120,000 to N250,000 to buy in Nigeria. A good example is Epson L805 Printer CD/DVD & Photo. Also Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo & Disc/DVD Printer.
Both of them prints a picture in 4s or less and without much hassle.
You can order for any of them online now on Konga or Jumia and pay on delivery.
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Before paying, ensure you inspect it very well to make sure what was delivered is what you ordered online.
5. Photo Paper
Your pictures will not just be printed on any kind of paper, you will need to get lots of photo paper where the images will be printed upon.
6. A Shop In A Good Location
You will need to rent a shop in a very good location for the photo printing business.
You can position your shop close to a market, high institution, pharmacy, photo studio or even on a very busy road.
A good location should be easily accessible, not water logged and have enough space.
7. Power Supply
A photo printing business requires good power supply to operate. In a country like Nigeria, it is often advisable to have a good Generator on standby as the Power companies we have here cannot be trusted to provide steady power supply. Unless that happens in the future.
You can order for a good Generator on Jumia or Konga.
8. Necessary Permits
Operating a business in some areas requires you to get some permits from either the Local Government Headquarters or some other governmental agencies in charge.
Research and find out how it is done in your area to avoid getting into trouble with Law Enforcement Agents.
9. Employees
Plan to employer at least two (2) workers when starting your photo printing business. That way, you can be able to handle the huge demands from customers at the beginning.
As your business grows, you will have to employ more hands to help meet up with the customer demands.
Overall, photo printing business in Nigeria is a very lucrative venture. It is a business you do not need to struggle to get customers, they will come looking for your services. I assure you.
It is one of the business opportunities in Nigeria that any serious young entrepreneur can invest his money and be sure of making lots of money daily.
With our population increasing on on a daily basis, the demand for photo printing services will always be on the rise.
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As much as I encourage people who may have interest in this to go for it, I also encourage you to make your own research even offline by visiting some of the photo printing business centres that are already in existence to see things for yourself and to ask questions around.
It will help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes most entrepreneurs often find themselves making.
Develop a good business plan for your business bearing in mind such things Capital, Goals, Location and other things that may be involved in a photo printing business plan.
When you have done all that, take the bold step and start. Even if it means you starting small, start and dream big!
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