How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a12

How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a12

Have you been having difficulty with how to screenshot on Samsung galaxy a12? You might have acquired a new Samsung galaxy a12 and then you want to screenshot but you can’t. We are here to help you out with a few steps on how to screenshot on Samsung galaxy a12.

Samsung is among the best leading phone companies in the world, and their products are always of the best. Samsung company was founded in 1938, its first phone released was SGH-100 which was released in Korea in 1988. Now they have a whole lot of long-lasting quality phones.

Let’s speak well about battery capacity in the Samsung Galaxy A12: it has a capacity of 5000 mAh and enables 15-watt quick charging; with average use, you should be able to get a full day’s worth of battery life out of it.

How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a12

To take a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy A12, you will need to follow these straightforward instructions in the appropriate order.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step One:

Using the physical keys that are situated on the side of the Galaxy A12 is the first way that can be utilized to capture a screenshot on the device. This is the conventional approach, which constitutes the majority of applications.

Take your phone in your hands and simultaneously tap the power button as well as the volume down button. Keep your fingers on the buttons until the display turns completely white. It appears as if a screenshot has indeed been taken at this time.

Following the white flash that appears on the screen, a cursor-sized menu bar will be displayed at the very bottom of the screen. The menu will consist of three different buttons.

The first button allows you to make edits to the image and crop it. The second option allows you to engage Scroll Capture, and the third button allows users to share the image across various social media platforms.

Second step

There are two options,  The Samsung approach involves moving the side of the palm from the right side to the left side (or vice versa) of the screen on our Samsung Galaxy A12 till we notice a flash that shows that the capture has been made.

This can be done in either direction. It is possible that you will not have access to this approach if the software version that you are using does not support it.

To use this movement to take screenshots, you will first need to enable it from the settings. To do this, navigate to the settings, click on “Advanced functions,” and then enable the option that says “Move palm to snap.”

Step Three

You may try using the Assistance Menu if you’re looking for something simpler to operate. If none of the other options work for you and all of the physical keys on your Galaxy A12 are malfunctioning, then this is the final option.

To activate the Assistant Menu, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Input and dexterity and then tap on the Assistant menu. This will turn on the Assistant Menu. There will be a little circle there. To choose it, tap just on the circle.

There will be several choices presented to you. Select Screenshots from the menu. When a screenshot is captured, the screen will briefly turn white to indicate that it has been saved.

Step Four

Open the picture gallery, the images and photos will be ordered by date, click on the captures that you just generated on your Galaxy A12, and you’ll be able to modify them, trim them, or email them to your friends or through the social media network of your choice.


On the Samsung Galaxy A12, you can take a screenshot in a few different methods. It is kind of Samsung to offer a few software options that allow users to snap screenshots if the physical buttons on the device become inoperable.


Taking a screenshot with Samsung Galaxy a12 might be difficult for new users but after going through this article, you are sure of taking screenshots on your own. Are you using any alternative methods that can be used to snap a screenshot? Leave your comments down below for others to have more ideas.

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